Saturday, February 7, 2009

NWSF Exclusive: The Real X-Man

NWSF Exclusive: The Real X-Man

Everybody's lookin' for a hero. While some are waiting for Wolverine, Cyclops or one of the other X-Men to save the day, No Warning Shots recently caught up with another X-Man who is on a mission to save the planet through Hip Hop; Pittsburgh artist Jasiri X.

Jasiri X started rappin' in the early 90's when rap was still in its conscious phase. His first rap was based on Eldridge Cleaver's book "Soul on Ice." However, he says after that as Hip Hop became less conscious, so did his music.

X says that he made a turn around in '96 because of personal situations and his studying of books such as "the Isis Papers" (Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing), "Stolen Legacy" (Dr. George GM James) and "Message to the Black Man" (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad). It was also during that time that he began to listen to the teachings of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and shortly afterwards he joined the Nation of Islam.

Jasiri's first big break came when he read about the Jena 6 situation in the Final Call newspaper. This inspired him to record the anthem, "Free the Jena 6" for his Myspace page. The song was discovered by radio personality Michael Baisden and the rest is history.

Jasiri X is busy these days producing a weekly radio/video spot called, "This Week with Jasiri X." The spots feature X rappin' about news events from the previous week.

When asked about the current state of Hip Hop in 2009, X says that "these are the best of times and the worst of times."

The positive thing is that the internet has leveled the playing field so voices like his can be heard. The negative side is today's music lacks substance and is more about getting attention, producing what Jasiri calls "reality TV music." However, he is confident that good music will stand out even in these times.

What does the future hold for Jasiri X?

He says that peeps should be on the look out for his upcoming cd, "The Autobiography of Jasiri X," which will be released Summer of '09.

So, true Hip Hop heads can rest assure that wherever there is evil, injustice or wack Hip Hop, Jasiri X will be there!

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Paul Scott writes for No Warning Shots