Friday, February 13, 2015

Durham Artists Create New Voices Against Violence Anthem

For many years Durham has gotten a bad rap for being a bastion of crime. The “City of Medicine” has gained a national reputation as being the “City of Violence.” In recent months, the violence seems to have escalated, leaving many residents scratching their heads, unsure of what to do to stop the senseless murders plaguing the Bull City.

However, a Durham musician and producer thinks that he may have the solution.

Marcus Cox, of DreajMusic  has launched the Closed Eyes Project and is making a challenge to other Triangle Area artists to raise their  voices against violence.

Cox, with the help of  some Bull City artists,  has recorded what they hope will become the official anti-violence anthem of Durham. The project is streaming on  and  will consist three version of  Cox’s song “Closed Eyes.” 

The first  release (available now)  is  a Hip Hop version to appeal to Durham’s youth co-produced by Prince 8 and also features Hip Hop artist, Big Lah and Durham activist “TRUTH Minista Paul Scott.

The second release  will be  a “Soul Survivor”  version” featuring Cox along with spoken word artist, Tim Jackson for the “less rap music inclined.  “

And thirdly, there will be  a “Make Your Own Remix” version, on which Cox is asking Durham residents to add their own rap about stopping the violence over an extended instrumental and put it on social media under the hash tag #closedeyesproject

Cox says that he chose the title “Closed Eyes” because too many people  have closed their eyes to the problems facing the young people on the Bully City streets. He hopes that his Closed Eyes project will make all of Durham’s citizens open their's.

For more information contact Marcus Cox at  or   919-283-9680