Sunday, September 15, 2013

Juicy J 50K Twerk Scholarship Secrets Exposed !

Hip Hop journalist , TRUTH Minista Paul Scott exposes the truth about the controversial Juicy J 50K  "twerk" scholarship. Recently, Juicy J has been telling the media that the scholarship was never  about "twerkin" but TRUTH Minista says "don't believe the hype." Scott is also asking college students to ban the "bands to make her dance man" and other ratchet rappers from their institutions of higher learning. For more info contact
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The Secrets of Juicy J's Twerkin' Scholarship Exposed!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The African Origins of THUG LIFE: Did Tupac Sell Out? Parts 1 and 2

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott and Sis, Tricey ask the question, did the late rapper Tupac Shakur sell the black community out?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's a Family Affair

This weekend in Redsville NC,  the Rebuilding the Block Initiative, local businesses and citizens will be putting on their annual Black Family Day celebration.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP FOR YOUTH AND PARENTS will begin at 12 PM until 2 PM and will include a special presentation on Psychotropic drugs, marijuana, pills, Ritalin, “Molly” and how to deal with their tremendous negative impact on youth. This will be held at the Reidsville Public Library located at 204 W. Morehead Street. 


The outdoor program will begin at 2 PM. at MARKET SQUARE, 307 South Scales Street, Reidsville, NC.


Black Family Day has been bringing all people together, since 1996, in unity, peace, and love to inspire and strengthen family ties and recognize the tremendous contributions of Black Families to this nation. The local version of this historic celebration was initiated by Min. Amon Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam, to help inspire and motivate the Black Community. Also, to offer educational workshops to improve the quality of life of local citizens.

Families are encouraged to register online. Vendors may sign-up online Call 336.344.0217 to schedule an interview. or