Sunday, December 10, 2017

The End of the N*gga Era

2017 The End of the N*gga Era

                                   Min. Paul Scott

“It’s plain to see that you can’t change me/cause I’ma be a N*gga 4 life”

D Dawg had finally had enough. At 25 years of age he had seen far too many of his homies blown away in the street. He was sick and tired of waking up sick and tired from drinking one too many bottles of Hennessy and poppin’ one too many Percocets . Plus he was experiencing chronic migraines from hitting his head on the hard concrete tryin’ to run from the cops with his pants hanging below his knees. So today, he was finally gonna do it!  He was going to denounce being a N*gga...

Recently rapper Cassidy caused a stir when he posted a picture on Instagram of him wearing a shirt with N*GGER across the front in big, bold letters. Although , N.I. G.G.E.R was supposed to be an acronym for something or ‘nother, the bold fashion statement was not exactly met with open arms . He is not the first celebrity who has tried to flip the word or a variation into something positive. Back in the day,  Nas and his wife at the time, Kellis showed up at the Grammys sportin’  N*gger shirts and some people still parrot the late Tupac Shakur’s explanation , claiming that NIGGA stands for “Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.”

However,  20 years after Pac’s death, we must ask ourselves, what goal was really accomplished by those who have embraced the term besides more black men and women in prison or in the graveyard ? Our flirtation with nigga respectability politics  was an abysmal failure. Yep, we took an L on that one.

Over the years there have been many attempts to ban the N word, bury the N word or erase the N word from history.  However, our concern should not be the word, itself, but what the word represents.

What may have once been a term of endearment in the 90’s has become something bigger than Eazy E  could have ever imagined. Niggaration has become a culture in and of itself with it’s own dress code, language and, some may argue , complete with it’s own “Only God Can Judge Me” religion.  Matter of fact,  because there are some neighborhoods you can’t even go into with a N*gga passport, it has become it’s own nationality. If the trend continues, unchecked, by the year 2020, I would not be surprised if N*gga had it’s own ethnicity box on the census forms.

Like MLK once said, “we have some difficult days ahead” with white supremacists running rampant police brutality, cuts in social  programs, gentrification, wars and rumors of wars and not to mention the megalomaniac in the White House. As we go into 2018, Black people cannot fight  Trump, the KKK and N*ggas too. Something has to give.

So, we are asking all Black folk to turn in their N*gga cards and denounce being N*ggas by the end of the year. We will no longer allow you to have dual citizenship, you will either have to be a N*gga or a proud Black man or woman.

Now, we know that some of our people are addicted to that behavior and may need to attend some N*gga Anonymous meetings, or in some extreme cases , spend a couple of months in N*gga rehab.  But unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time. So we have come up with a four step program to raise our people out of what we call the N*gga Degree.

Many people are familiar with the story of the, allegorical,  Willie Lynch Letter which gave step by step instructions on how to make a slave. Historically, this could be the blueprint of how white supremacy created the N*gga, as well.  So, we know how they did it, it is time for us to undo what they did.

Step 1 is to make the subject come to grips with the fact that he is behaving as a N*gga with all associated tendencies that will produce nothing but chaos in his life and the lives of others. We have to make being a N*gga so disgusting that no one in their right mind would want to be that ever in life.

Step 2 is to give the subject a quick history lesson of the historical origin of the word which came when the Portuguese entered into Africa. And how the nigga is not a part of African culture but a test tube baby that was created in the lab by racist scientists for the purpose of wreaking havoc on the Black  community.

Step 3 is to make the subject explore his innermost n*gga-ness and how it will serve as a generational curse , dooming his whole family tree  to the third and fourth generations to a life filled with malt liquor bottles, Philly Blunt rolling paper and loud mumble rap on repeat rotation.

And lastly, Step 4 is to give the subject a new sense of identity. Because for many of our youth being a N*gga is all they know so that void has to be replaced with something whether it be King, Queen  , African Prince, Empress  or anything else  that will allow them to look in the mirror and for the first time in their lives be proud of the image staring back at them.

Minister Paul Scott is founder of the Black Messiah Movement in Durham NC. He can be reached at or follow on Twitter @truthminista

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Message to Minister Murda Mase

Message to Minister Murda Mase:
The G (God) Check
              Min. Paul Scott

“As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool returns to his folly”
                                    Proverbs 26:11

My Dear Brother Minister Mase,

In the name of Yeshua, the Black Revolutionary Messiah I greet you in the spirit of Truth and the words of Peace, Shalom Aleichem.

Although Rakim once said “It’s been a long time/ shouldn’t have left you, “ some things should be left in the past. Or as the Epistles teach,  there comes a time when grown men must put away “childish things.”

I have to admit, when you left Hip Hop for the church  a decade ago and joined the ranks of the prosperity preachers and started gettin’ your Creflo Dollar on, I was nonverbally skeptical. But whatever it took for you to escape the dreaded Bad Boy curse, I thought “more power to ya.”

Even when you started dabblin’ with 50 Cent and ‘em I gave you the benefit of a doubt thinking that just maybe you were low key trying to the give a little light to those who were walking in darkness.  I even “Leaned Back” a little with you on the Fat Joe remix.
But when I heard your 10 year too late Cam’ron diss track , “The Oracle,” all I could do is sigh in my Ed Lover voice, “C’mon my son.”

Now, I know that there are two sides to every story.  But as far as I know Cam never pledged his allegiance to the Most High. (Maybe the Adversary but that’s a life decision he is gonna have to reckon for ). But you are held to a higher standard.  As you know being in the ministry is like joining the Bloods or the CRIPS. Once in, you never get out.

And please don’t go Tupac on me and try to cop the plea that “Only God can judge me.” There are people in long black robes judging Brothers, everyday.

So consider this your Oracle.

In this day in time when Satan knows that his time is short and he is working overtime to devour our youth, it is just disheartening that you would chose to help him.

Spirituality aside, in an era  when our children from LA to Chicago and even my city Durham NC are being murdered on the streets, everyday,  why you would resurrect Murda Mase is beyond me.  What example are you giving to the thousands of young Black men who are headed to the jail or the grave?

Also , at a time when young  African Americans are finally waking up, raising their voices and takin’ a knee against such injustices as police brutality and corporate disrespect , you chose to declare war against Dip Set instead of the Powers that Be...Really?

Mobb Deep once warned us “there’s a war going on outside no man is safe from.” Instead of going to war against Killa Cam, how about saving the youth from the killing fields which are these city streets?

So my Brother, is it really worth your soul for the few pieces of silver you may gain from further helping to lead another generation down the path of death and destruction ? That is something you have to deal with, the blood of a generation is on your hands.

Now,  I know that many people are going to pump this battle up between you and Cam and won’t stop until you both are lying dead in the streets. Some will even say that “The Oracle” is  your greatest song ever.  And, lyrically,  that may be true.

However, like you once  said  on “Jesus Walks:”

“With me it’s not just bars and music/ I walk with God I got the scars to prove it.”

Minister Paul Scott is founder of the Black Messiah Movement in Durham NC. He can be reached at . Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Monday, July 31, 2017

Lean Back

Lean Back !
Fightin’ the Biochemical Attack on the ‘hood
                                Min. Paul Scott

“How we stop the Black Panthers/Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer”
                             Crack Music-Kanye West

It was the eve of the revolution that their grandparents had always dreamed and the Black Lives Liberation Army was gonna  set it off  bright and early at dawn against the evil forces that were destroying the hood. But during the nightly strategy session, somebody passed out a purple drink in double styrofoam cups and suggested they do a battle toast. So when they finally woke up at noon the next day, the revolution was over...they lost.

This current generation of millennials is , arguably, the most “woke” group of African Americans since the conscious Hip Hop Era of the late 80’s and some would say, with their skills at social media, since the Black Power Era.  Since the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012, there has been an awakening of the masses and the high profile police involved shootings of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland and many others have fast tracked us on the road to the revolution that Malcolm X talked about 50 years ago.

But as in science, for every action there is an opposite reaction. So, for everything that wakes us up, there is always something to put us back to sleep.

Drug use has always been glorified in Hip Hop to a certain degree. After all, when the early rappers said “ski” they weren’t talkin’ about a vacation in the Aspens .

But this new generation is on a whole ‘notha level.

Thanks to mainstream Hip Hop,  getting high off of prescription medicines seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

The past decade has seen a rapid increase of rappers being self medicated via prescription drugs. You can hardly listen to the radio without hearing artists like Future rappin’ about pills like they just raided Grandma’s medicine cabinet.

Much of this madness originally came out of the Dirty South as rappers from Texas to Tennessee bragged  about sippin’ on that Sizzurp aka Lean and some have died from takin’ too many sips of that Purple Drank. For the less hip, Lean is a deadly combination of soft drink, Kool Aid, codeine. cough medicine, Jolly Ranchers and anything else somebody feels like throwin’ in a cup.

Now enter something called “Legal Lean.”

Either some mad scientist  or some  hipster with a determined idea and too much time on his hands has come up with a way to  push that potion in the hood, legally, by substituting codeine
with natural stuff. The ingredients are different but the effects are supposed to be the same.

Now, while legal lean may be available near some college campuses so some wealthy white coeds can vicariously live out their Lil Wayne fantasies, most of the stores that sell this are in the hood.

Of course, the makers of Legal Lean think they are providing a service by giving cough syrup junkies an alternative.  To hear them tell it, Legal Lean is to Purple Drank  what Methadone is to Heroin.

After all it is 100% natural. But so are psychedelic mushrooms and if you really want to get funky with it, cocaine contains a 100% natural ingredient, as well.

So, once again the Black community is under a biochemical attack at a time when we need to be in our collective best state of mind to survive the Trump Era.

Fortunately, some groups around the country are not giving up the hood without a fight.

In Wisconsin, the Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee have staged successful campaigns against stores selling Legal Lean.

Also, in Durham NC, activists have started Operation #LeanBack to have the product permanently  shut down, nationwide.

Every community activist should be fighting to get Lean up outta here, whether legal or illegal.
As always, you are gonna have some to defend destruction to the grave. But those of us who aren’t “gone off that Lean” have a responsibility to raise our voices in protest.

As Kendrick Lamar said on Be Humble

“I let my soul speak, you let the meds talk…”

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Black Messiah Movement. He can be reached at Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Attack of the Bad and Bougie

Attack of the Bad and Bougie
The Lynching of Dr Umar and Black Nationalism

                               Min. Paul Scott

“Call up the gang and they come and get cha…
                                 Bad and Boujee- Migos

Professor Afrika Jackson had just finished a two hour lecture in front of a packed house discussing how African American parents could prevent their sons from dropping out of high school when someone handed him a strange note warning that “they “  were out front waiting for him. Fearing that he was surrounded by the KKK or the Skinheads, Professor Jackson, cautiously headed for the auditorium door. But when he got to the parking lot he didn’t find Neo Nazis,  just a bunch of Bougie black folk in throwback Gordon Gartrell shirts and ascotts  yellin’ “ Go Back to Africa...”

Recently, popular lecturer and black youth advocate  Dr. Umar Johnson, made an appearance on  The Breakfast Club Morning Show. In an era when the airwaves are filled with either violent or barely decipherable  lyrics , you would think that a black man droppin’ knowledge on a Hip Hop radio station  would be a breath of fresh air..


By the time Dr. Umar had even left the studio, the attacks had begun. The first shot was fired by the , as the site  launched a vicious attack on Dr. Umar’s credibility. Next came the now infamous triple team on Roland Martin’s show on TV One. And that was followed by , yet another attempt by The Root to throw shade at the good doctor. Looks like the “Bad and Bougie” have declared war.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I am not a cheerleader for #TeamUmar.  But I am a strong proponent of Black Nationalism and I refuse to let an ideology that has meant so much to so many be disrespected  under the guise of a petty, personal attack on an individual.

Historically speaking, the attack on Black Nationalism did not start with Umar Johnson, it goes back almost a hundred years.

During the early 20th century, the Honorable Marcus Garvey was attacked by WEB Dubois and his Talented Tenth team. Members of this squad started a “Garvey Must Go” campaign which contributed to the fall of Mr. Garvey and his Universal Negro Improvement Association.
The attack on Black Nationalism was peppered with black classism , which, besides the works of Dr. E. Franklin Frazier (Black Bourgeoisie ) and Harold Cruse (Crisis of the Negro Intellectual) has been rarely discussed in the black community.

There was even some serious hatin’ going on during the Black Power Era. This is best exemplified by the treatment of the militant “Abdullah” by “Daddy Rich (Richard Pryor)  and the Wilson Sisters (Pointer Sisters)  in the 70’s movie Car Wash as they danced around him bashin’ his revolutionary ideology.

However, in recent years  the cries of a more white liberal friendly Black Lives Matter have replaced calls for Black Power in the media, And as aging civil rights leaders such as Rev.Jesse  Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton no longer dominate the news shows, there has been a mad scramble to be the new spokespersons for all black folk or as the older generation would say “ the new HNIC.”

In the past it has been pretty easy for the pseudo-revolutionists to have a monopoly on the media and sell their  white corporate sponsors on the idea they are the authentic voice of African Americans. They have served as gatekeepers, blocking anyone with, as Dr. Umar would say, an “unapologetically black” ideology from reaching the masses.  But thanks to Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms, the playing field has become somewhat level. Examples of this are  the popularity of YouTube Channels such as BlackNews102 and the blockbuster-like success of Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors series , which owes much of it’s popularity to social media promotion.

So, as we see with the attack on Umar Johnson, the Bad and Bougie have been engaged in an uncivil , civil war against  those who they,  unflatteringly,  refer to as “Hoteps” or “Dashiki wearers.”

But what the attack on Dr. Umar has done is unify the Black Nationalist community in ways not seen since the Million Man March. Even those who have not exactly been fans of Johnson are taking  exception to the blatant attack on a Pro-Black ideology.   Looks like the Bad and Bougie have told one ankh joke too many.

So, don’t worry about it Dr. Umar we are ridin’ with ya. As the rap group Migos might say, you keep throwin’ up the Black Power fist and “dabbin’ on them like the usual.”

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Black Messiah Movement. He can be reached at (919) 972-8305 or follow on Twitter @truthminista

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Minister Wants to Exorcise Lil Uzi Vert

Responding to the controversy of rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert wearing upside down crosses, a NC minister wants to exorcise Hip Hop. 

Minister Paul Scott aka TRUTH Minista, founder of the Black Messiah Movement is concerned about the growing promotion of Satanic symbolism in Hip Hop and says that Hip Hop needs an African-centered exorcism. 

"Satanism is for white rock starts , not black rappers, " says Scott. "When has devil worship become a Black thing?"

Scott is responding to the recent controversy rapper Lil Uzi Vert wearing an upside down cross at the recent Billboard music awards and posting "666" on a recent Instagram post. 

"We have enough devils running the political system right now, we don't need rappers conjuring up more," says Scott.

Scott is urging rappers to use their influence to teach Black youth the historical Truth  about African spirituality instead of glorifying the devil.

"They need to promote African spirituality instead of sending our children dancing down the road of destruction."

Scott can be reached at (919) 972-8305  email info@nowaringshotsfired,com. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Black Church Challenge

Although, many church goers will be in competition this Easter Sunday to see who has the best new outfit, a NC minister is issuing another challenge to  black churches.

Durham NC, Minister Paul Scott , founder of the newly formed Black Messiah Movement is issuing the “Black Church Challenge,”  an effort to get Black churches more connected to the black community.
Scott says that in  earlier years  , pastors and their congregations were heavily involved in the movement to help  their fellow  African Americans, “now in the age of mega churches , many pastors seem more concerned with passing out collections plates than passing out plates to the homeless.

He is also challenging the Black church to get reconnected with the struggle for justice for African Americans. “During the 60’s, many black pastors were on the front lines marching for the civil rights of African Americans, now many are more concerned about driving fancy cars than marching, says Scott.

Scott says that if the churches were involved in their immediate communities and established more community programs,  99% of the problems facing African Americans such as youth violence, the academic achievement gap and unemployment could be solved, overnight.
“Stop waiting on a Savior and be one, “ says Scott

Minister Paul Scott was ordained a Baptist minister but left the church in 2003 to form the Messianic Afrikan Nation Ministry where he conducts a “street institute” every Sunday where he teaches and passes out free  black history books in the hood.   He can be reached at (919) 972-8305  or  Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Open Letter to Bow Wow

Dear Mr. Moss aka Bow Wow

Recently, you made a comment on a clip for the new BET series "Music Moguls" that premiers June 28th, dissin' my city of Durham, North Carolina.  In the promo clip with Jermaine Dupri (So So Def Records) you said, "ain't nothin' crackin' in Durham." I am so tired of people disrespecting my city and for you to do it on a national platform is outrageous.

Granted, like many cities, Durham has its share of problems. But kickin' dirt in the face of town already known as "Dirty Durham" ain't helping. Now, it is true that in some hoods you can hear gun shots ringing through the air almost every night. And the self hatred that some of our young people feel does result in teenage kids being shot down in the street. However, Durham has a rich historical legacy and since you seem to be ig'nant of that history, allow me to hit you with some #FACTS.

Durham NC was once known as "Black Wall Street,"  the Mecca of Black economic empowerment.  Although many people believe that Tulsa Oklahoma was America's only Black Wall Street, history teaches us that Durham also held that prestigious title.  Durham is also the home of North Carolina Central University and Duke University. Not to mention, Research Triangle Park, one of the largest high tech development centers in the country, lies with the boundaries of Durham County.  Furthermore, many famous people have roots here, including Ernie Barnes, the artist who created the paintings featured on the 70's sitcom Good Times and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States.

Most importantly, there are many people in Durham who are working, tirelessly, to make this city one of which our children and our children's children will be proud. Recently, we launched the Black Durham Is Beautiful Campaign to show the world that Durham is more than  just murder and mayhem and is one of the greatest places to live on the planet.

Instead of of making negative statements about this city, why don't you use your platform to make things better for the youth?

So, "Mr. 106 and Park,"  you owe each of the 250,000 residents of Durham an apology. (Or at least a heartfelt "my bad.") And until we receive an apology we will not support Music Moguls or any other project even loosely associated with the name "Bow Wow" nor "Shad Moss."

To borrow from the infamous words of  Birdman, who is also featured on Music Moguls, "you are gonna learn to RESPECK my city!"


                      Min. Paul Scott
                      Messianic Afrikan Nation
                      Durham NC

Min. Paul Scott aka "TRUTH Minista" can be reached at (919) 972-8305 email Follow on Twitter @truthminista