Monday, August 3, 2015

Straight Outta Con-Man

Straight Outta Con Man:
Exposin’ the Truth About NWA
                      Min. Paul Scott

“Fool me one time shame on you/Fool me twice can’t put the blame on you”“
                No Role Modelz-  J Cole

I’d be lying to myself and you if I said that the trailer for the new NWA (N*** With Attitude)  movie, “Straight Outta Compton” didn’t make me wanna stand in  line and drop 10 bucks to see the flick.  The trailer suggests that the film centers around a group of young men  experiencing the trials and tribulations of being black in America during the 80’s, who used their fame  to become the official spokes-homies of the ‘hood.   In the  aftermath of the deaths of  Mike Brown, Sandra Bland,  Samuel DuBose and numerous others who died mysteriously after confrontations with CWA (Cops With Attitude)  ,  who wouldn’t want to see a film about a bunch of rappers throwing up their middle fingers in the face of authority and inspiring a generation of black youth to become revolutionists ?
Interesting story, indeed.  But it’s just not the story of NWA.

The real story of NWA goes more like this…”During a period in the late 80’s when rap artists like  Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions were succeeding in getting a nation of millions to stop selling crack and to stop killing each other, out of nowhere a group of rappers came along and destroyed  the foundation that they were building and leaving as their  legacy the broken bodies and shattered dreams  of millions of black men and grieving mothers...

For those of us who  were fortunate enough to live through the Reagan/Bush Era, we know the truth. The problems facing African Americans in 2015, are no  different from the problems that we faced during the 80’s with police brutality, white on black violence,  black on black violence etc.  And just like during the 80’s, when black political awareness was rising here comes  NWA again to lower the intelligence bar and turn potential revolutionists into apolitical  thugs.

I must admit, the way the music  industry used NWA was wickedly, brilliant.  While Public Enemy was trying to save black lives, they created a group  to destroy them.  So NWA’s  two politically  aware songs served  only as a Trojan Horse to bring people into the real agenda, profitizing the destruction of the  black community.

Matter of fact, NWA did not even deny the nefarious plot to overthrow conscious Hip Hop with gangsta-ism .They bragged about it!
According to  Vibe magazine writer, Cheo Hodaria Coker, Dr. Dre even admitted that NWA was created to be an alternative to music that promoted black power. So. this was no accident.

No one is denying that F*** the Police set a new standard in articulating the frustrations of young black men who were constantly being harassed by the cops . But the problem is, if you take “F*** the Police (and the contradictory Express Yourself)  out of the equation , what are you left with?  You are stuck with two albums and one EP that glorified black death and misogyny and inspired rappers of subsequent generations to follow their lead. Just listen to  “She Swallowed it” off of their second album where the Pied Pipers of Pedifphellia rapped about the  sexual gang bang of a 14 year old girl and the other subject matter did not really differ from that formula.

Now, there are some who would argue that NWA was not  really a symbol of black genocide. But that’s just like saying  that the Confederate Flag was not  really a symbol of white racism.  So, we are clearly dealing with revisionist history.

Now, ultimately,  I don’t blame five black kids from the hood  for  hatching such a genocidal plot, I blame the music  industry and in this case Jerry Heller, who is credited as being one of the co-founders of NWA. In my opinion, Heller is a war criminal and should be charged with war crimes against the African American community.

In his autobiography, Ruthless, a Memoir, Heller even confesses that based on the historical conspiracies  by the “powers that be”  to exterminate black people, “ if these conspiracies are true...then Eazy E and I were just pawns of C.I.A machinations too vast to contemplate.”

Therefore, if Eazy, Dre,  Cube, Ren and Yella are  guilty of anything, it is the sacrifice of young black lives on the altar of  the Synagogue  of Satan for the reward of riches beyond  their wildest dreams.
So, no I won’t be watching Straight Outta Compton and if you care anything about the state of Black America, neither should you. We cannot allow history to repeat itself where the revolutionary spirit of black youth is channeled into self destructive behaviours and the “enemy” ultimately becomes other black men.
Instead of spending our money on Straight Outta Compton , we should be buying books to teach the youth  about The Black Panthers  and other revolutionists who really stood up against police brutality.
The blood of the thousands of young men who died over the last 25 years trying to be “N**** demands it !

For a thorough breakdown of NWA:

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Friday, July 10, 2015

7/9 Debate with Sean Hannity and Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson

Podcast of my debate with Sean Hannity and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on Race, Religion and Revolution

Monday, June 22, 2015

Papa's Got a Brand New Flag...

Papa's Got a Brand New Flag:
Why African Americans Need a New Symbol of Freedom

                                             Min. Paul Scott

Today, the governor of South Carolina , Nikki Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the  SC State Capital. And that's  a good thing. Personally, I believe that anything even resembling a Confederate flag needs to be used for toilet paper at Taco Bell...

For many white Southerners , the Confederate  flag represents the heritage of their ancestors, but for me it represents the last thing my ancestors saw before they were hanged from trees in the South Carolina swamps.

Now, I know people in SC are having victory cookouts right now and having "We Shall Over Come" karaoke concerts  But , don't expect me to be overly, over joyed with the symbolic gesture of removing the Confederate rag.

To be historically correct, just as much injustice was done to African Americans under the Stars and Stripes as was done under the Stars and Bars. Matter of fact, even today, in the cities where many of the racist acts are happening,  Old Glory is waving proudly.  And the police officers who are committing terrible acts of violence  against black kids aren't pledging allegiance to the Confederate flag, they are pledging allegiance to the Red, White and Blue.

As black people we  need our own flag to represent our heritage.   Matter of fact we already have one. 

According to the late historian, Dr. Tony Martin in his work, Race First, in 1920 The Honorable Marcus Garvey , in his Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World  adopted  the  Red Black and Green flag as the official symbol of the "African race."   According to Dr, Martin, Red stands for "the color of the blood which men must shed for their redemption and liberty."  Black for "the color of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong." And Green "for the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland."  Marcus Garvey was the leader of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) which, at its height boasted two million members. 

So, in 2015  its time for black people to start waving our own flags again.

On July 4th, African Americans should once again adopt the Red, Black and Green Flag as our official symbol. There should be Red, Black and Green flags on black households, clothing and license plates from McKinney TX, to Baltimore MD, to Charleston SC.

Back in the , 60's James Brown had a hit song with "Papa's  Got a Brand New Bag," however today we are saying "Papa's Got a Brand new Flag."

If we really want to stop, not only racism and police brutality but also our children from killing each other in the street,  we have to give them something to be proud of.

As Marcus Garvey once said,

Show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride.

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Durham NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at (919) 972-8305 or
Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Monday, June 1, 2015

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted:
The Return of the Intelligent Thug
                                 Min. Paul Scott

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery/None but ourselves can free our minds”
  Redemption Song-Bob Marley

Back in the day, members of my generation proudly sported our “Warning Educated Black Man” T-shirts while pumpin’ Ice Cube’s “AmeriKKKa’ s Most Wanted”  in our rides.” During that period we were clear that this country’s biggest fear was an army of militant minded Brotha and Sista Souljah’s waging an all out war against the lies of Western Civilization that kept us bound in the chains of mental slavery. Unfortunately, that era ended abruptly following the LA Rebellion of 1992 and was purposely replaced by a corporate sponsored gangsta dynasty where ignorance was not only bliss but a Hip Hop cultural norm.  However, in  post Baltimore Rebellion America the days of the pro-black T-shirts might just be making a comeback.

Recently, Georgia college student Eric Sheppard was  arrested following a month long manhunt by the Feds. Last April, Sheppard made headlines by stepping on The Stars and Stripes during a college protest.  An arrest warrant was issued for the student because the police found a gun inside a book bag that allegedly belonged to him.  However, many African Americans feel that Sheppard’s  real crime , as a 21 year old black man, was  having more on his mind than the NBA Finals, rap music and strip clubs.  Especially, in a country having nightmares over the possibility of politically conscious street gangs uniting for a common cause .

Yeah, America’s biggest fear has been realized.  The “Intelligent Thugs” that they buried  two decades ago have suddenly  risen from their graves.

The fear of black intelligence stretches back centuries in this country. One must remember that until the late 19th century it was illegal to teach black folk to read. And while much attention is paid towards the brutality of the slave revolts headed by people such as the Reverend Nat Turner, many of the rebels were highly intelligent. As early as 1830, David Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World caused so much fear among white slave owners that a $10,000 bounty was placed on Walker’s head.

Also, although many people focus on the “burn baby burn” slogans of the 60’s and early 70’s, it must be understood that the members of the Black Power Movement were bookworms.  Kwame Ture, the man credited for popularizing the term “Black Power” was a Howard University graduate.  Malcolm X  was able to debate some of the  best  scholars in the world courtesy of a jailhouse education.  And even though people like to focus on the guns that the Black Panther Party carried, it was the mind of  Huey P Newton that people feared the most as he was able to intellectually navigate between the streets and college campuses.

So, today tragic  events from the  Trayvon Martin murder to the murder of Freddie Gray have many young people embracing some of the teachings that my generation used to talk about in campus student unions and in the back of dusty little black bookstores. However,  where we  had to wait weeks for a new book by Del Jones or a Steve Cokely cassette tape to arrive at the Know Bookstore, these kids have total,  unrestricted,  immediate access via the Internet to all types of information. So, the same political education that took us weeks to study can be learned by a Baltimore gang member during a cross town bus ride via an iPhone and Beats by Dre headphones.

Although, some may think this is just another Hip Hop inspired fad (as many accused the “conscious Hip Hop /Fight the Power Era “ of being) , times have changed.

Unlike the LA Rebellions of 23 years ago, the most recent uprisings  did not have a Hip Hop soundtrack. There was no inflammatory song that the media could pinpoint for inspiring the riots. It can be further argued that the rapper commentators  who appeared on CNN  were not the “voices of the streets” as they were a decade ago, but now were only being used to calm the fears of white America.
Also, if you read the manifesto, that was allegedly written by Eric Sheppard, instead of rap lyrics you will see shout outs to African centered scholars such as Dr. Khallid Muhammad and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, whose entire catalogs can be easily accessed on Youtube.

So, although talking headz like Sean Hannity  and Anderson Cooper may consider the Eric Sheppards of the world  fringe elements and the media may write his manifesto off as a “publicity stunt”  so their middle class white audiences can sleep at night, the reality is for every Freddie Gray that dies an Eric Sheppard is born.

Maybe the gangs coming together in B-More is a sign of changing  times. What if they put down the guns and decide to form a political coalition after watching an Amos Wilson video on Youtube? Or what if  instead of selling drugs they  decide to open legit businesses after listening to a Dr. Claude Anderson podcast ?
Perhaps the years of us telling these kids that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” and “Knowledge is Power” were not wasted after all.
Maybe, all they really needed, to borrow from rapper, Young Jeezy was some intelligent “Thug Motivation.”

Min. Paul Scott represents the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired. Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Open Challenge to Professor Jerry Hough

Professor Hough,

   I read your comments regarding the fallout from your recent online comments concerning African Americans. As a Durham NC resident, I take exception to people, such as yourself, taking the liberty to speak with presumed authority on the topic of black culture.

In your comments to WTVD, you seem to be throwing down the gauntlet and issuing a challenge to debate the issue of race outside of the boundaries of politically correct "sensitivities."

As one of the ideological children of Malcolm X, who you referenced in your initial comments, I accept your challenge to a no holds barred debate on race in America.

Having the right to voice an opinion is part of a democracy. But to have ideas go unchallenged is Fascism.

                           Min. Paul Scott
                           Messianic Afrikan Nation
                           Durham NC
                           (919) 972-8305

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rupert Murdoch Ain't My Brother's Keeper

Rupert Murdoch Ain't My Brother's Keeper

                    Min. Paul Scott

Recently, many black folk cheered President Obama's creation of his new, nonprofit spin-off of My Brothers Keeper called My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

That's all good and gravy, as I like the idea of givin'  back to the hood as much as the next guy. And I kinda dug the President's speech about how so many "young men of color" just don't get the breaks of the more economically privileged...

But before I could break into my impromptu rendition of John Legend's nouveau  civil rights anthem from the movie Selma, "Glory," I had to change my tune.

I happened to notice that one of the proud sponsors of the initiative is News Corp, which is owned by the father of Fox News, himself, Rupert Murdoch.  


Now, I know that if you start marking off everything that Murdoch owns between his News Corp and 21st Century Fox companies, you might as well go back to writing on stone tablets but Fox News is an example of anti-black journalism, if I've ever seen one.

Fox News has been responsible for the most degrading images of black people since, well... BET's Hot Ghetto Mess. Every night, between Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, the network puts out enough negative images of African Americans to make James Brown stop singin' "I'm Black and I'm Proud."  If you see any black person on Fox News (except for Dr. Ben Carson and a hand full of their other homies) , you can bet your last dollar that they are being treated like...dare I say it ...thugs.

Remember it was Mad Money Murdoch, who once tweeted "all the Egyptians I know are white" in response to the almost lily-white Noah movie cast. (I sure hope he doesn't fund the Brother's Keeper Black History Month program, next year.)

This is not the type of person that I want directing the lives of black boys. The last thing we need is a bunch of new black right wing extremists dressed like Will Smith's  buppy  cousin, "Carlton " from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, dancin' to the ol' school sounds of Ted Nugent.

Nope. We need more Malcolm X's and Marcus Garvey's, not Uncle Toms and Sambos.

My granddad used to say "all money ain't good money." And this is definitely the case with News Corp. Why can't the project be funded by black celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather or one of the major Hip Hop artists who spend 50 grand on a good night makin' it rain on naked women in a strip club.

President Obama, should return Murdoch's check with a nice "thanks but no thanks" written on it in graffiti.

That's one brother that My Brother's Keeper should tell to keep his money!

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at (919) 972-8305 or info@nowarningshotsfired,com Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Saturday, April 11, 2015

From N**** to Negus

From Nigga to Negus:
New Beginnings for an Old Word

                   Min. Paul Scott

“You hate me don’t cha/You hate my people
Your plan is to terminate my culture”
Blacker the Berry  - Kendrick Lamar

Most of the time when somebody asked K Killa to stop using the N- Word he had a prepared, snappy comeback. He would, on cue, go into a long drawn out monologue about how it was really a  term of endearment. But after hearing his favorite rapper, Kendrick Lamar , explain that  he was spelling it wrong and the word was really supposed to be “Negus” meaning “ king,”  he stopped using it.  It was one thing to be a “real nigga”  but to be a dumb, illiterate nigga was down right offensive…

The debate over the use of the N word is nothing new, most of the time the conversation stays within the politically correct realm that ends with “well, that’s really something that polite people don’t say” (at least in public.)  However, thanks to an interlude from the new Kendrick Lamar cd, “To Pimp a Butterfly,”  where  he breaks down the definition of Negus (Nagast in plural form) to mean "king" in ancient Ethiopic Ge'ez, , the topic has now been elevated to a more historical, etymological and , even, controversial level.  

I mean, for people with short attention spans, quoting Tupac’s acronym (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) is relatively, simple  The average first grader can quote that in his sleep. However, to do a deep, historical and etymological breakdown that goes back centuries takes more than just the proverbial “street smarts.” It requires somebody to pick up a book, or at the very least, put his Google skills to the test.

So, has K Dot accomplished something that the culture police have been unable to do since NWA came straight outta Compton more than 25 years ago?

Now, the argument over a positive interpretation of the N Word did not start with Kendrick Lamar. In 1934, noted historian, JA Rogers made a similar attempt to defend the use of the word “negro” in his work “100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: With Complete Proof”  by saying that it had royal origins.

More recently, scholars such as Kaba Hiawatha Kamene ( Dr.  Booker T Coleman ) and Hip Hop artist Hakim Green (Channel Live)  have also attempted to give the word a noble  heritage using the works of Gerald Massey and writings such as the Kebra Nagast as evidence that a nigga has not always been the dude with a white t-shirt and jeans hangin’ down below his  knees. According to  the them,  the original Nagast wore crowns and royal garments.

The flip side of the argument, as advanced by lecturers, The Irritated Genie and community activists such as Kwabana Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli is that the ancient Ethiopic word ain’t got jack to do with the N-word that was yelled at our ancestors as they were being hanged from trees.

According to most dictionaries, the word “negro” comes, directly , from the 15th century Portuguese slave traders and was not a noun but an adjective meaning “the black,” as in a color. But when white southerners tried to say it with snuff in their mouths, it came out “nigger.” And because of the Stockholm Syndrome, we changed it to “nigga.”   So we are, clearly, dealing with two different words.

And even if it did have noble beginnings, the term is now being used to identify white supremacy’s greatest creation, “the Nigga” - a self- hating monster who is programed to kill other black people, whether it be man, woman or child. Or, in the eyes of trigga happy cops “ a natural born criminal who is worthy of instant execution.”

But, hypothetically speaking, suppose that the Honorable Marcus Garvey’s  use of the word “negro” could be traced back to the royal lineage of the throne of Ethiopia to, at least , the time of the Queen of Sheba (Makeda) while racists and white supremacists are using the word that came from the Portuguese slave traders.  If we are truly going to differentiate the terms and come up with a “positive term of endearment,” it would only make sense that we use the Sankofa principal and go back to the historical Ethiopian origins of the word.

That is why Kimathi Melaku El, minister of education of The Black Talmidim, says that the group is calling for the black community to permanently replace “nigga” with Negus. They are also asking that people use the hashtag #replacewithnegus on social media and substitute the word “nigga” in song lyrics and popular phrases  with “Negus.” (For instance, “Nigga With Attitude”  becomes “Negus  With Attitude,” etc.)

Some may argue that with the recent police killings, the black community has bigger things to worry about than a word. But , isn't it easier to feel that you can get away with killing a nigga than getting away with assassinating a king ?

Also, even the hardest brother on the block doesn't want to feel stupid or like someone jacked him for what was, rightfully, his. So, if we can convince the youth that they have been robbed of their history and bamboozled into accepting a false term, perhaps they will ,at least, consider changing their language.

Kwame Ture once said “every Negro is a potential Black man.”  So, just maybe every nigga is a potential Negus.

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Thursday, April 2, 2015

King of the 'hood

King of the ‘hood:
Exposing the Myth of Self Inflicted Self Destruction
            Min. Paul Scott
“Was it the bullets that took you/or was it the situation society put you ?”
            Blown Away Remix (Saigon and Sticman)

April 4, 2015. Minister Malcolm Mosiah King was in Memphis  to receive the annual Tupac Shakur Peace Prize. After years of hard work, he had finally negotiated a truce between the rival gangs in the city. Unfortunately, King never made it to the ceremony. As he was leaving his hotel, he was killed in a drive-by, allegedly, by a gang member who mistook his black power fist salute for a gang sign….

This week marks the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Although, he accomplished many great things from addressing economic inequality to opposing the Vietnam War, for most  Americans he is known ,simply ,for telling black people to love white people and ignore 400  plus years of slavery and oppression. In recent weeks this dream has been echoed by entertainers such as Common, who suggested that if the descendents of slaves  just extended the right hand of fellowship to the descendants of their former slave masters, all would be right with the world.

But what about asking the black kid on the block to forgive the dude who shot his homeboy last month. Or even  the kid that accidently stepped on his new white Jordans or the Brotha who merely gave him the wrong look at a stop light ?  In 2015, we need a “Dr. Martin Luther King of the Hood,”  to bring a message of peace and unity to these streets.

Though rarely discussed, the  downside to King’s message was that too much attention was paid to loving white folks and not enough to loving our black selves.

Without a doubt, the issue of Black on Black crime is one of the most pressing issues of  the last 20 years, as many conservatives  are quick to remind us when the world’s microscope is focused on some form of white racism , whether it be a radio talk show who disrespects black women, a college frat boy who does an impromptu N word laced freestyle or a trigger happy cop who shoots a black child down in the street.  The cries of “well, what are you doing to stop blacks from killing other blacks” drowns out any intelligent discourse regarding the matter at hand.

The issue of Black on Black violence is not that simple.

Unlike white racists, it’s not like the average black kid wakes up on a mission to go out and kill the first black person he sees.  So, mixing the idea of White on Black violence with  Black on Black violence is like comparing Jack Daniels to Kool Aid. Unfortunately, this weak comparison often leaves even the most  educated, culturally conscious black person without a snappy  comeback,  as the talking heads at Fox News and other right wing  spots have mastered the art of being right and wrong at the same time.

So, where do we start healing our own community.

First, we have to put the concept of black self hatred into the proper historical context. This is an area that very few have dared to tread except a few authors like the late Dr. Amos Wilson who gave us the outstanding work “Black on Black Violence: In the service of White Domination.”  Contrary to popular belief,  Black on Black violence was not imported from Africa. Despite the often parroted idea that “Africans enslaved other Africans’” the truth is that the “slavery “ that existed in the Motherland was more akin to the feudalism that was going on in Europe than chattel slavery . It must be clearly understood that the Black on Black violence happening on the streets of America today is a direct result of the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the demonizing of the Black image.

Secondly, we have to clearly understand that Black Murder Inc , is the phattest cash cow in America. Our self destruction generates billions of dollars, annually,  and if Black on Black violence ceased to exist today, there would  be a lot of rich people on welfare tomorrow.  This is because of the cannibalistic nature of Capitalism. To borrow from the funk philosopher George Clinton  “America eats its young,”  and uses their left overs  to fuel the prison and social industrial complexes.

Finally, we have to come up with a new strategy that goes beyond just blaming the victim.

In Durham NC, some artists have gotten together to launch The Closed Eyes Project to force people to open their eyes to the root causes of Black on Black violence.  During the week prior to the  anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, they are asking that artists, activists and scholars  across the country unite to form a new Stop the Violence Movement, similar to the Hip Hop movement of the late 80’s.  

Preview by Yahoo

After, all Dr. King didn’t die so we could kill each other, did he?

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at Follow on Twitter @truthminista