Thursday, February 5, 2009

NWSF Bullet: CrackHeads Update

I called the FYE stores at area malls today to see if they were still pushing CrackHeads Candy.

I asked the person at FYE at Northgate in Durham if they still carried the candy and was told that they did not carry it. (Even though, I scored a box from there a few weeks ago.)

The person at the Streets at Southpoint (Durham)told me that they sold out and probably would not be getting anymore. (Now, when I went there Saturday afternoon they seemed to be fully stocked. I guess a bunch of CrackHead addicts rushed the store after I left.)

The person at Triangle Town Center (Raleigh) told me straight up that they were forced to take them off of the shelves. (Guess he didn't get the corporate memo to "just say no.")

Now, I'm not sure if CrackHeads are gone for good in my neck of the woods or if you have to give a special password at the counter and some dude in a trench coat named Big Sid meets you out back and deals you a box.

So, the No Warning Shots Firing Squad has to institute a "Neighborhood CrackHeads Watch" in 'hoods across the country.

If you see a CrackHead deal going down in your 'hood. Contact your local authorities (or news station) immediately.