Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NWSF Bullet: Al Qaeda Disses Obama

The Associated Press is reporting that bin Laden's right hand man dissed president elect Barack Obama by calling him, and I quote, "a house Negro." Or whatever the Arabic translation is.

According to the story, Ayman al-Zawahri , said that Obama was the direct opposite of "honorable black Americans" like Malcolm X and is being used to do white folks' dirty work.

Now just because Malcolm X is considered by many black folks, especially in my generation, to be a shining example of black manhood. Just because he stood, uncompromisingly, in the face of danger to speak a truth that would inspire generations of black youth for ages to come and Obama had to throw his ex-pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus and tone down his blackness in order to sit in the White House, doesn't mean....

(I forgot my point)

But I guess the obvious point is that Bro. Malcolm wasn't running for prez.

I wonder how the talking heads like Sean Hannity are going to get around mentioning Malcolm X's name while trying to report this story...

"Next on Fox; an Al-Qaeda leader is comparing Barack Obama"

"Darn it all!"

"Malcolm Little!"

A brotha can' get a break.

The Right Wingers are calling Obama a terrorist and the terrorists are calling him a house negro.