Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NWSF Bullet: Nelly Still Pimpin' Purple Pimp Juice

You might remember back in 03, I took exception to Nelly's Energy Drink, "Pimp Juice."


In Hip Hop history, that was a time when the idea of "pimpin' ho's" had taken on new dimensions.

So, Pimp Juice came out at a time when the entertainment industry was busy persuading young black boys that they were pimps and black girls that they were ho's.

So when Nelly released his energy drink/party mix, needless to say,

We were not amused.


I thought they had gotten the hint and removed the product or at least changed the name.

But when I walked past Spencer's novelty store in Northgate Mall in Durham, yesterday,

There it was, in big purple cans !

According to the Pimp website. The drink is being distributed in NC by "Dixie" Distributors out of Hickory. Wonder if there is a Confederate Flag hanging outside the company ?


I also wonder if they are still giving out those Pimp Scholarships ?

Now initially it was supposed to be in every 7-11 in tha hood so I guess it being confined to a space between Fart joke books and tongue piercings in a novelty store, ain't a bad thing.

But the principle remains.

How long are we going to convince black kids to be pimps when we could use that same energy to convince them to be President?