Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NWSF Bullet: Durham Po Po Accused of Racist Obama Message on Myspace

WTVD news is reporting that some Durham police officers are being accused of posting some "racially charged" remarks about Barack Obama on their Myspace pages.

The reporter, as well as City Councilman Eugene Brown, seemed shocked because with the supposed end of "Racism" via the Obama campaign that this kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore.

Kind of naive if you ask me.

Racism is not something that you can just take off like a dirty shirt.

The story did say that the messages were on the officers' "private" Myspace pages.

Now, I'm not overly concerned about some anti-Obama message on myspace. But when the poster has the authority to kill at will; that makes me kinda nervous.

I have a lot of respect for the Durham Police. Compared to other cities, you really do not hear too much bad stuff about them. However, there is always one in every bunch.

Just my luck if the next time that I'm rollin' through tha hood late at night, the officer that pulls me over for pumpin' my Public Enemy cd too loud will be one of the Myspace militia.