Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NWSF Bullet: Hatin' on Hate Crimes

A story broke the other day out of Utah, that they are trying to pass legislation to get the laws against Hate Crimes to include military personnel if they are assualted while in uniform.

Somehow, I can't see 300 pound Marine, Sgt. Slaughter needing government protection against gettin' a beat down.

Why not apply the law to anyone in uniform. So the next time the jerk at McDonalds gives you an apple pie instead of a cherry pie and you yank him by the collar; you can be charged with a hate crime.

Once again , laws that were, initially, packaged as a way to protect black folks benefit everybody and their mama except black folks.

The problem is that if you make everything a hate crime than it loses its flavor.

You have laws that protect everybody from lovers of the same sex, lovers of goats to lovers of fine wine that were originally supposed to protect black folks from the boys in the white hoods.

I've never seen the hate crime law applied in my hood.

(OK, I heard the person from Idaho just say "'cause ya'll are too busy killing each other.")

Yeah, I guess hate crime laws can't protect us from black on black crime.

That's the most hateful crime of all.