Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Rap Music Makes Black Kids Militant

For years rap music has been accused of many things, from "dumbing down" Black youth to containing subliminal messages that are rumored to make kids violent.

However, there is a new stye of rap that is said to make Black youth "militant." Hip Hop activist and journalist, "TRUTH Minista" Paul Scott has gathered a group artists together to create a new style of Hip Hop called "Militant Minded Mess-Age Music. "

 According to Scott, the music contains both overt and subliminal messages that will cause Black youth to become "militant minded."

He says that in a time when Black youth are murdered by the likes of George Zimmerman and African Americans are "dissed" by the likes of Paula Deen, it is time for Hip Hop to "Fight the Power," a phrase borrowed from a song by the rap group Public Enemy in the late 80's.

The music mixes hard pounding beats with everything from speeches from Black Power Movement leaders like Malcolm X to African war drums. And just like the old plantation songs, that covertly gave instructions to runaway slaves and insurrectionists, there will be messages only audible to black ears. "

Don't be suprised if your child falls to sleep with his headphones on singing gangsta rap and wakes up quoting H. Rap Brown," says Scott.

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