Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rapper Says White Racism to Blame for Black Violence

Although many people in this country are discussing violence, a Miami rapper is claiming that the real cause of the violence that permeates the Black community is not being discussed.
Originally from the mean streets of Washington DC, Yasin360Wiseguy aka "The Enforcer" is claiming that Black on Black violence is directly related to the history of slavery and racism and the violence in rap music is "The Hip Hop Hatin' that Hate Produced." Growing up in the nation's capital Yasin has seen, first hand. the damage that suppressed black anger at white supremacy can cause. Fortunately, he was able to channel his rage into his music. And he is using his music to make a difference.
The artist is on a mission to enforce principals of unity that will stop the glorification of black death that is prevalent in commercial Hip Hop. He believes that if Black youth understood the roots of Black on Black violence, their behavior would change.
"It does no good to take the guns out of the hands of the boys in the 'hood when the bullet of white supremacy is still lodged in their brains."
His latest video is called "What's Gangsta." G.A.N.G.S.T.A. stands for "Going Against Negativity Getting Stronger Together Always."