Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colt 45 Blast is Genocide Juice

The controversial new fruity malt liquor Blast by Colt 45 has been given a new name by a NC minister, "genocide juice."

Malt Liquor has been traditionally been used to destroy young African American males in urban communities, says Minister Paul Scott of Durham NC.

Last month, Scott stumbled across the Pabst Brewing Company marketing video on You Tube that outlined plans to use Hip Hop to market the liquor to "urban" communities. Pabst recently had the video yanked from Youtube.

"Alcohol kills, " says Scott. "That video was like a diabolical plan to exterminate a whole generation by using malt liquor instead of gas ovens. '

Scott recently called for the formation of a "Malt Liquor Party" to demand that Blast is removed from store shelves and to educate African American youth about the dangers of malt liquor.