Friday, March 18, 2011

Regarding Colt 45 Blast

The Wall Street Journal is running a story, today about Pabst Liquor Company's new Malt Liquor, Colt 45 Blast.

The Malt Liquor is using rapper, Snoop Dogg and half naked women from music videos that our children watch to promote this poison.

Here are my thoughts.

Do we really need Colt 45 to "Blast" the brains of our children?

Snoop Dogg has a history of promoting Malt Liquor to disproportionately suffering communities dating back to the early 90's with ST Ides Malt Liquor, so in 2011, to borrow from the scriptures "the dog has returned to his vomit.".

I hope that Hip Hop magazines and radio stations who have the eyes and ears of our young people don't accept the 30 pieces of silver to sell us out.

And finally, it is a shame that liquor companies would stoop so low as to use celebrities who appear on youth oriented shows and radio stations to pimp poison. My prayer is that our Hip Hop youth will not fall victim to "Colt's cult of personality" and drink some "killa Kool Aid."

I will continue my "Intelligence Over Ignorance" campaign to encourage Hip Hop artists to use their powerful influences to develop the minds of our children instead of destroy them.

Minister Paul Scott
Messianic Afrikan Nation Ministry
Durham NC