Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time to Flush Rush: Rebellin' Against Right Wing Radio

Time to Flush Rush:
Rebelling Against Right Wing Radio

Paul Scott

Like many folks over 30, I barely listen to the radio anymore. Hearing Jay Z and Lady Ga Ga in heavy rotation gives me a migraine. Unfortunately, courtesy of of a busted cd player, I, recently, found myself channel surfing for the first time in months. Last week, I came across the usual hate filled Republican paranoid ramblings about how the evil Obama must be stopped, the vast Left Wing conspiracy to to turn us all into Commie zombies and how illegal aliens and welfare cheats are going to bring this country to ruin. Even the tragedy in Haiti couldn't stop the self-righteous Right from getting in a few partisan cheap shots under the guise of concern over misappropriation of funds.

Welcome to the wacky world of Rush Radio.

Raleigh NC's 106.1 FM has once again undergone a metamorphosis, this time transforming itself into a conservative talk station known as "Rush Radio" because of the acquisition of its star player, Rush Limbaugh and his homies, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck. This is not limited to the Tarheel state but seems to be a trend sweeping the nation as radio mega corporations such as Clear Channel have found a bigger market in catering to Obama haters rather than Kenny Rogers music lovers.

Talk about overkill. The residents in my neck woods, the Raleigh-Durham area, are already surrounded by wall to wall Right Wing sound 24 hours a day. The area has the extremely popular WPTF 680 AM as well as, WZTK Talk 101FM beaming in Mike Savage a few counties over , courtesy of a 100,000 watt high powered system.

Anyone with a basic understanding of military science knows the strategic advantage of controlling the airwaves. The first thing that you do when conquering a country is to take over the radio stations. Since the Right Wingers see themselves as being engaged in a life or death struggle against the Obama Administration and all things left, it makes perfect sense that they are planning to convert your local country music station into a Conservative central command center .

Now the Conservatives will argue that there is a disproportionate number of liberal media folks.

Cow chips!

Name me one Left Wing commentator that can mach the amount of venom spewed by the Right's treacherous trio of "Hear all Evil, See All Evil" and Speak All Evil." (Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh.) For every Alan Colmes there are 100 Bill O'Reilly wannabes in cities across the country.

In NC, I wonder which "liberal" station will be able to hold back the red tide of Republican racism?

NPR's affiliate, WUNC?

Don't be ridiculous.

I can't listen to NPR more than five minutes without developing a severe case of narcolepsy. I have this reoccurring nightmare that after listening to Morning Edition on my morning commute, I run off Interstate 40 and wake up in the ER serenading the nurses with a morphine induced rendition of "Imagine."

This is a really tough spot for black dudes like me. While the Right is busy turning morning radio shows into Conservative chat war rooms, we are busy boppin' to Lil Wayne lyrics and hearing DJ's joke about the celebrity gossip they saw on the Wendy Williams Show the previous night.

Even in an area where there are many historically black colleges and financially well off black folks, black talk radio is limited to a low watt AM station and a few hours on the local urban station on Sunday morning while most folks are headed to church.

Although there are a few African American anchors on the tube, for the most part ,they play the roles of objective journalists and not the fire breathing demagogues on Fox News.

As much as we enjoyed seeing Roland Martin On CNN last summer, to middle America, he will simply be remembered as the black fill -in who taught his rather stiff co-anchors how to get down, get funky and get loose while delivering the news.

The print media are no different, as the black columnists are either Conservatives or have found a niche airing black folks' dirty laundry in public, ala Bill Cosby.

So, the local newspaper is more likely to hire the suit and tie wearin' , clean cut dude who, politely, enters the morning staff meeting with a cup of decaf and a doughnut than the dude sportin' shades and military fatigues who swaggers in with a can of Red Bull and a fist full of rage.

See, the liberal media run away from controversy. For the Right, controversy sells.

The liberal media outlets are scared of losing the Francine's Flower Shop account if they get too radical but the more racist the Conservative talking heads get, the more advertising dollars they receive from "Big Bubba's Bullets and Beer."

Somebody has to put a stop to the Right Wing plague that is infecting the radio.

I suggest that this Martin Luther King Day we start a rebellion against Rush Radio aka Flush Rush and use our Facebooks and Twitters to combat the poison propaganda of the Ultra Right menace.

Seems like the Left is in dire need of a shot of testosterone or, as they say in the Hip Hop vernacular, some thug motivation.

Now, I don't consider myself a Lefty but what ever Limbaugh is for I'm against and whatever Beck is against, I'm for. So, excuse me if I don't speak proper Liberal-ese but:

"Get out there and win one for the"

"Fight for your right to party...urr"

"Open the window and yell "I'm mad as..."

Aw, you get the point.

Paul Scott writes for No Warning Shots He can be reached at (919) 451-8283 or
To join the campaign to get No Warning Shots Fired in your local paper, contact the editor, today! Coming in February, the "Take Back Black History" lecture tour.