Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Callin' Out the Hip Hop Intellectuals: Time to Battle!

Callin' Out the Hip Hop Intellectuals

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

"Is you down to go pound for pound, toe to toe, blow for blow, round for round?"

Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz - Lost Boyz

You know the ones. Every time that there is an issue dealing with Hip Hop, it is their smiling faces that you see on TV hawking their latest book. They are the "Hip Hop Intellectuals;" that small group of highly paid university professors and media personalities who have been in charge of defining Hip Hop for the masses for the last 15 years.

While the "street scholars" have been trying to use Hip Hop to uplift black people, they have been making a living explaining black culture to white America. While we have been fighting to raise the Hip Hop Nation to a higher level of consciousness, they have been busy trying to keep it dumbed down, as not to frighten or offend their white benefactors.

While we have fought for change, these Hip Hop intellectuals have made sure that things have stayed the same.

Have you ever asked yourself with all those brainiacs on college campuses with untold amounts of resources why Hip Hop seems to be in a worst condition than when the Hip Hop Intellectual movement started? Have you ever wondered with all these major universities with "Hip Hop courses" that they never seem to be able to stop the negativity in Hip Hop but have conferences, every year to discuss "the problem."

Even though they may get on CNN and debate each other, when was the last time that they debated a member of the street conscious community?
That's why in 2010, I'm throwin' down the gauntlet.

Hip hop was created on battlin' right? Which MC had the most skills.

So, I am challenging the Hip Hop intellectuals to a battle. I'm not talking about the the "106 and Park" type battles where rappers diss each other. I am talking about a debate over the best analysis of the condition of Hip Hop in 2010 and what it means in the context of the African American experience.

As EPMD said back in tha day, "if you're thinkin' about battlin' you better come prepared. Go get your shield and your armored gear!"

To answer the 2010 "Battle for Hip Hop Intellectual Supremacy" contact (919) 451-8283 or