Saturday, January 30, 2010

Activist: "Go Back to Africa !"

For many African Americans the term "Go back to Africa" is the ultimate insult , rivaling the dreaded "N word." However, a Durham NC activist and minister is urging African Americans to do just that this Black History Month. Not in a physical sense but academically, spiritually and culturally.

"Growing up,' Go Back to Africa was the ultimate diss among classmates, often leading to either tears or fist fights, says Paul Scott, "Now, the term is widely used by racists as an insult."Paul Scott, is urging African Americans to "upgrade" black history by including African History in Black History celebrations and school curriculums across the country.

"We cannot just be happy that black history is being taught and celebrated," says Scott, "We have to ask which type of black history is being taught, the version about African kings and queens or the one that begins with happy-go lucky slaves picking cotton on the plantation."Scott hopes that the same way the Hip Hop Generation has tried to take the sting out of the "N word" they will take the sting out of "Go back to Africa" by promoting Afrocentric education.

"Historically we have been taught that nothing good has come out of Africa and it has infected our young people with the fatal disease of self-hatred, says Scott, "Only through education can the healing begin."

Paul Scott is a minister, writer and activist who recently started the "Intelligence Over Ignorance Campaign." In 2000, he coined the phrase Afrikan Liberation Theology which is the "Black Liberation Theology for the Hip Hop Generation." Scott has been a guest on talk shows across the country including Fox News and MSNBC discussing Hip Hop, rap, race and religion. His blog is No Warning Shots

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