Saturday, August 8, 2009

NWSF Exclusive: The Genetics of Genocide

Irritated Genie at Know Bookstore
NWSF Exclusive: The Genetics of Genocide

Paul Scott

When NC Judge Howard Manning used "academic genocide" to describe what was happening to students in the Halifax County school system, last March, most people just dismissed it as a catchy catch phrase. Few really understood the significance of the word "genocide."

Webster's dictionary defines genocide as "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group." Therefore, genocide is not committed by accident but is a well thought out system to destroy a race, physically and mentally.

Last night, a lecturer known only as "The Irritated Genie of Souffes" spoke on the subject of genocide and it's impact on cultures of color at the Know Book Store in Durham, NC.

During the lecture, the Irritated Genie traced the history of genocide back to when Christopher Columbus first came into contact with the indigenous people of the western hemisphere to the present.

"Whites are calculating ways to kill us, " he said. "It's not about hatred, its about the truth."

He sited the examples of the way that germ warfare in the form of small pox in blankets was used to exterminate the Native American and how the entire ingenious population of Tasmania was wiped out by Europeans.

The fact that the genocide of the Native Americans is celebrated by the naming of the mascots of football teams was not lost on the lecturer.

He also talked about the genocide committed in African countries such as the Congo by Belgium King Leopold.

The most striking part of the lecture was when he tied the history of genocide to the present plight of African Americans, citing everything from guns and crack to the number of abortion clinics in the black community. It must be noted that the connection between abortion and black genocide has also been mentioned by white ministers such as Pat Robertson of the 700 Club.

Hip Hop was not spared as he pointed out the financing of pioneer gangsta rap group NWA (Niggas With Attitude) by white investors (Jerry Heller) and how the lyrics of some of the rappers contribute to the genocide of young black males.

The lecture served as a wake up call for those who believe that the mis-education and mass incarcerations of black people are due to some cataclysmic accident.

"Genocide is a process," he said.

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