Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lil Wayne Comes to NC Amidst Controversy Over Slave Song

Lil Wayne Comes to NC Amidst Controversy

Paul Scott

Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter is, definitely, one of the hottest rappers on the planet. Not only does he sell millions of Cd's but he gets shout outs from the President of the United States. However, as the rapper prepares to bring his "America's Most Wanted" tour to Raleigh, North Carolina this Saturday, a storm is brewing over his latest song "Whip it" (Like a Slave) with his homies Dem Franchize Boyz.

Not only does the song, which has outraged black activists across the country, make a mockery of the worst atrocity in world history but it also uses whipping a slave as a metaphor for cooking crack cocaine.

How is it that with a black man as the leader of the free world, rappers like Lil Wayne still have such a slave mentality ?

It boggles the mind of Durham NC rapper and educator AK Uhuru, as well.

"If you have any understanding of what we have gone through...I just don't understand "Whip it Like a Slave," he says.

At 26 years old the Macon Ga native Uhuru is ,physically, the same age as Lil Wayne but years ahead mentally. He does, however, admit that Lil Wayne may consider what he does, art and one man's trash is another man's treasure.

"I hate to trash this man's character but he does a good job of doing that himself."

Lil Wayne recently raised eyebrows when he and partner, Drake brought underage girls on stage during the recent Black Entertainment Television Awards while performing a song with questionable lyrics about women.

Uhuru is not without controversy, himself stating that he was recently thrown off stage because a club owner thought his problack, Afrocentric rhymes were "racist." But yet, songs about drug dealing seem to be embraced by the masses without protest.

Although, Uhuru may not have the fancy cars and clothes of a Lil Wayne, he has something that money can't buy; self respect.

"Lil Wayne has everything except Freedom," he says.

Maybe something good will come out of the "Whip it Like a Slave," controversy, after all. I mean, if the controversy surrounding Harvard professor Henry Skip Gates and Cambridge police officer, James Crowley could spark a national debate on racial profiling, maybe "Whip It Like a Slave" can start a much needed dialogue about Hip Hop.

Hey, if Gates and Crowley can squash their beef over beer and pretzels maybe Uhuru and LIL Wayne can squash their's over a 40oz of Vitamin water.

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AK UHURU Speaks on "Whip it Like a Slave."

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