Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No Ghetto Pass For Bill O'Reilly!

No "Ghetto Pass" For O'Reilly:

Time to Put Bill on Blast

Min. Paul Scott

Enter the Bill O'Reilly twilight zone. Late one night, on his way home from the Republican Convention , a hungry Tom White mistakes Rufus's Chicken and Ribs for a Cracker Barrel. His worst fears are realized when a major riot breaks out after Tyrone Jackson slips on a watermelon slice and knocks over Mack da Knife's bottle of malt liqour. Running through a hail of bullets, hot sauce bottles and other assorted weapons, Tom barely makes it back to his Volvo alive. Good thing that the bullet proof vest that he wore under his Brooks Brothers suit also protected him from spears...

A few days ago, Bill O'Reilly was chillin' with his ace "main man" Rev. Al at Sylvia's restaurant in black Harlem. According to media reports, he was shocked how civilized the black folks there behaved.

"Is this Harlem? I could have sworn that I was in New Hampshire!"

Much to Bill's surprise there were no shoot outs, no chicken sacrifices and no cannibals runnin' around with bones in their noses. Just folks sitting around dining on fine cuisine that I'm sure included, but was not limited to fried chicken.

Well, at least O'Reilly didn't tell that worn out joke about being afraid that he was "on the menu."

I never liked Bill O'Reilly, so excuse me for being a little..OK alot biased. Over the years, Bill O'Reilly has been the self -appointed Hip Hop hitman, the Right's cool, conservative crusader, dedicating his life to preserving..well, whatever ever it is that Conservatives preserve.

This great avenger is responsible for almost single handedly getting the infamous gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg kicked off the Muppet special, getting Ludacris canned by Pepsi and blowing the whistle on Whitewater. (No, that was someone else but you get the point)

Although, O'Reilly has not been totally off the mark in all of his criticisms, as Grandma would say "if you throw enough stones, you're gonna eventually hit somethin'."

What gets folks about O'Reilly is hyperbole. He blows things way out of proportion.

Recently he tried to paint Nas as the most notorious "gangsta rapper" that ever picked up a microphone.

Problem is. Nas ain't a gangsta rapper.

Now if I had Bill O'Reilly's flair for the dramatic, at this point, I would start calling him the most disgusting, hateful, venom spewing hatemonger that ever walked the planet. But I ain't him, so I'll stop with "a right wing intolerant bigot."

Of course, Bill is busy spinnin' in his No "Spine" Zone trying to paint himself as a victim of some Left wing conspiracy probably led clandestinely by Al Franken.

Since when has O'Reilly given any rapper or non right winger the benefit of the doubt ? He sees an opening and goes for the jugular, full throttle.

And since O'Reilly has been so quick to shut Hip Hop down, Hip Hop should shut O'Reilly down, pronto !

Now, I know that some of ya'll are asking "didn't we just go through this with Imus?"

Your point?

If I had my way, I'd get rid of all the right wing venom spitters: O'Reilly, Boortz, Hannity (Alan Colmes for sitting next to Hannity), Coulter, Savage, Malkin...

(Hold up, I started hyperventilating,)

...and I'd replace them with Kool Mo Dee and the other political rappers of the late 80's. That way we would have black folks expressing black outrage instead of white folks speaking for us while we sit on the sidelines sayin' , "Yeah, what the white guy said!"

Not only should Hip Hoppers stand up and "impeach" the Right's talking heads, but the anti-war activists, progressive movements and others who are tired of the Conservative's dominance of the media should stand up, too.

Remember, they may come for Nas today but it'll be Bono and the Dixie Chicks, tomorrow.

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