Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cut the Bull: Politicians Bling Blingin' More than Rappers

Cut the Bull:Politicians "Bling Blingin'" More than than Rappers

Call me politically naive, but I just can't see politicians raising all this money for their campaigns when you have all of these poor, hungry families in Durham. The local media are reporting today, that Councilman Thomas Stith has raised a whoppin' $107,885 for his campaign . Now I know that I have never been the caviar eatin', champaign sippin' fund raiser type and I still drink my kool aid out of a mayonnaise jar but am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

With all the money that the politicians are raising, couldn't this go towards actually solving the poverty problems in Durham?

Personally, I am not accepting any campaign donations.

Here's a novel idea, instead of giving money to my campaign, why not take that money and buy a homeless person something to eat?

So, I guess my campaign motto should be, "Ask not what Durham can do for you but what you can do for Durham.