Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day 2013

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

“Call ‘em April Babies/cuz they fools”
Mr Carter -Lil Wayne

One morning, after sippin’ on his sizzurp to get his day started right , rapper Big Cheezy came up with the brilliant idea to post an instagram of him sportin’ a red kilt , red bottoms, and a big red clown nose ,announcing it was the new style. Immediately, in every 'hood, even the most hardcore gangstas were walkiin’ around lookin’ like Barnum and Bailey drag queens. Later that night Cheezy tweeted “I can’t believe ya’ll fell for that...I was just jokin’...”

For most of us who remember Hip Hop’s “better days,” the current state of rap music has been one long April Fool’s Day, a thugged out version of Alice in Wonderland, where backwards is forwards, wrong is right and where the village idiot is the resident smart guy. An alternative universe where thugs dress like honeys and honeys dress like thugs .However, contrary to what Run DMC said back in the day on Peter Piper ,this ain’t "bad meaning good" but bad meaning very bad.

Seems like the whole Black community has been punked.

The biggest prank that has been played is convincing an entire generation of African Americans that the descendants of the mothers and fathers of civilization are now the stuff that reality shows are made of. Like rapper ,Jasiri X said on his remake of the Drake hit , “We started on top/now we’re here.” Yep, at the bottom of the garbage pile.

Sadly enough, this is most evident south of the Mason Dixon Line. The rap industry has taken the people of an entire region who , a little more than 150 years ago , were ridin’ on the Underground Railroad tryin’ to get free and put them on a Subway train headed straight back to the plantation.

Although some make the argument that rap music and reality shows are for entertainment purposes only, for a large segment of society they are promoted as a true representation of how “those people” act.

While you may get a chuckle peepin’ the latest World Star Hip Hop video on your iPhone ,the same clip will serve as morning show material for your local , racist, Right Wing radio station.

Recently, during my morning drive , I heard the deejay on the local conservative station laughing hysterically at the video of the “Kapooya Hailstorm Sista” that recently went viral on the ‘net. Sad thing is that once he caught his breath he went back to his usual subject matter about how “minorities” were ruining this country.

Even Fox News Radio had a weekly “Hip Hop report” during one of their radio programs where the hosts would make a mockery of our culture to the delight of their listeners.

So they are not laughing “with us” they are laughing “at us.”

Don’t get it twisted . We are not just talking about World Star Hip Hop or a Rick Ross lyric. We're talking about the destruction of Black culture.

If you are looking at life through the narrow prism of Hip Hop, you will think that the 20 year dominance of negative rap is evidence of the triumph of ignorance over intelligence. But if you view reality through the vastness of human history, it’s a mere drop in the bucket of time. Knowledge has always reigned supreme.

Now, how Knowledge is used is a different story.;

The evil geniuses who really run the entertainment industry ain’t ig’nant . Nope, far from it.

You don’t ‘jack an entire culture and have teenage girls who would have once wanted to be college professors ,now dream of being strippers . Or turn young men, who would have once been great leaders, into mindless trend followers by being stupid.
We must stop allowing these people to keep us trapped in a cultural Dark Age.

In 2013, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as there seems to be a renewed movement to stop the modern day minstrel shows. All over the country people are taking steps to snatch back our culture.

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the POCC/BPPC has released an indictment of the industry called “Guilty” which charges those who profit from our death and destruction with war crimes against the Black community.

On April 1st, The Militant Mind Militia will release , The April Fools Mixtape aka ” Don’ t Be No Fool on World Star While Poppin’ Molly in the Hood," an updated conscious parody of the 90’s flick, Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the ‘hood.
Another bright spot is that commercial radio stations are beginning to rage against the corporate machine as Michigan radio station 103.7 The Beat has pulled all of the Rick Ross and Lil Wayne songs from their rotation in protest of their recent actions that disgraced not only Hip Hop but the entire Black community. Not to mention the many petitions that are circulating on the ‘net holding not only the artists responsible for the madness but the mega-corporation executives who run the rap game from their Wall Street offices.

We must all join in the fight to not only “save Hip Hop” but to save the minds of our children. We must tell the entertainers that it is no longer acceptable to shuffle, jive and bow down for a dollar.

As underground Hip Hop artist, Yasin360WiseGuy puts it , its time to “change your posture.”

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s website is No Warning Shots Fired .com. For more information on the Black By Nature/Conscious By Choice Campaign contact or (919) 972-8305 Follow on Twitter @truthminista