Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 Chainz Exposed

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott of the Militant Mind Militia exposes the fact that 2 Chainz aka Tauheed Epps is an intelligent academically gifted former high school and college athlete. He poses the question how can 2 Chainz claim to be a felon at 15 years old but play on the high school basketball team and earn a college scholarship at the same time, as well as the bigger question "Why do smart rappers make dumb raps?"

In this video 2 Chainz says that he was a convicted felon since he was 15.

In this video from ESPN he is seen playing high school basketball in 1995

Read the article : Breakin' 2 Chainz. Why Do Smart Rappers Make Dumb Raps

Death to Ratchet Rap! Long Live Hip Hop!