Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama's Solution for Race Relations: Let's all Get Drunk

Obamas Solution for Race Relations: Let's all Get Drunk

Paul Scott

It seems just like yesterday when black folks were cheering on President Obama for dissin' the cop, Sgt. James Crowley who allegedly assaulted Harvard Professor Henry "Skip" Gates.

(Wait a minute. It was yesterday.)

After all, as they say in the hood, you're supposed to ride for your homies when they get harassed by "the popo."

But not so fast.

Seems that as of today the Prez has done the reverse moonwalk in regards to his previous statement that the Cambridge police officers "acted stupidly," when they busted Dr. Skip for breaking into his own house.

Now, I didn't jump on the bandwagon with the folks who wear proclaiming Dr. Gates the official poster child for police brutality in the post racial Obama age. This very moment in some hood, somewhere, some brother is getting a Rodney King styled beat-down as you read this.

But I don't really see how Skinny Skip would pose a threat to anybody. (My 90 year old neighbor, Mrs. Jefferson can knock Gates out on a good day.)

But that's beside the point.

The point is President Obama was right the first time. It was stupid.

But now the Prez is saying that maybe he misspoke.

Now he's saying that Crowley is a "good guy," a real credit to the boys in blue, everywhere.

He also says that it is because of the past that African Americans are a little sensitive when it comes to matters like this. are "sensitive" because stuff like this is happening in the present.

President Obama is also inviting Crowley and the Skipmiser to the White House to crack a few brewskis.

So, I guess that's the Presidents solution to this countries "race problem."

Let's all go to the bar, get plastered and sing old Willie Nelson songs until we pass out.

And just think.

Fifty years ago, instead of marching through Alabama and getting sprayed by fire hoses and bitten by police dogs, all Dr. Martin Luther King and them had to do was invite Bull Connor over for a couple of 40ozs of Colt 45...

Well, in the words of that dude from the Bud Light commercials...

"Here's to you Mr. President, for your overly simplistic analysis of race relations.... "

"misteroverlysimplisticpresidentonracerelations "

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