Monday, July 27, 2009

NWSF Bullet: Sleepin' with the Enemy

I know that they say that politics makes strange bedfellows but this is ridiculous.

The Hill is running a story on the controversy between Radio One's owner Cathy Hughes and Rep. John Conyers. For those unaware, the Hill is not a Hip Hop magazine that little teeny boppers read but one of the major newspapers that politicians who make the laws that effect the lives of your family read every day like the Bible.

What is interesting about the article is that it points out the the information that Ms. Hughes is using to attack Rep. Conyers was obtained from the Landmark Legal Foundation.

According to the organization's website, it "is one of the nation's oldest and most successful conservative public interest law firms," is part of the "Ronald Reagan Legal Center" and prides itself on being "The Best Investment a Conservative can make."

What is also interesting is that in 2007, the group nominated Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize. Which makes sense because according to the nomination press release "Rush Limbaugh serves as an unpaid member of Landmark’s Board of Advisors."

But yet this is where Hughes got her information for her latest attack on Rep. John Conyers who is known outside of Detroit, not for the Performance Rights Act (HR 848) but for his tireless work fighting for Reparations for African Americans (HR 40).

Didn't our high school teachers always advise us to "consider the source" before we put out information? Especially when that information is used to attack a black leader.

Now, I know about the Chinese proverb that says "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." But doesnt' that make the friend of my enemy, my enemy?

I'm just sayin......