Thursday, December 4, 2008

NWSF Bullet: Only the Good Die Young

Today (Dec 4th) marks the 39th anniversary of the murder of former Chicago Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton Sr.

I haven't heard that many tributes on the radio, today playing his speeches and I don't think that BET is going to do a tribute like they do for Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG.

Guess they can't find much air time in between songs and videos talking about black people killing other black people as a form of recreation.

Then again its not like a lot of folks know about "Chairman Fred," who up until his dying day at the young age of 21 spent his days putting together programs to feed children in the 'hood and organizing gang members to help the community instead of destroying it.

Since most Americans suffer from historical amnesia, they try to forget that not too long ago helping black folks was a crime punishable by death at the hands of the government.

So, while you can find hundreds of videos at Blockbuster and on Netflix with black men being shot over song lyrics and car rims, you can hardly find any footage of Fred Hamptain lying in his bed covered with blood because the enforcers of the COINTELPRO program considered Sickle Cell Anemia clinics a threat to national security.

Until we tell our children about great black leaders such as Fred Hampton we are only fooling ourselves if we think that we will ever stop the "gang problem."

To borrow from Chairman Fred, we will only keep coming up with,

"Answers that don't answer, explanations that don't explain and conclusions that don't conclude."