Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Barack the Magic Negro: Hip Hop Song of the Year

Barack the Magic Negro:
Hip Hop Song of the Year

Paul Scott

Although many Hip Hop Headz are debating who had the hottest CD of 2008, Lil Wayne or T-Pain, without a doubt the hottest CD on the streets, right now, is the "We Hate Hater America" joint by Paul "MC Feet Stankin'" Shankin, which features the slammin' release "Barack the Magic Negro." The single was originally released first by DJ "Bum Rush" Limbaugh earlier this year.

Oh, you missed the debut?

That's right, you were probably too busy listening to Lil Weezy rap about getting "licked like a lollipop" every five minutes on "urban" radio stations. Or maybe you were too busy watching the nightly marathon of "House of Payne."

What makes "Barack the Magic Negro," so hot is that it's going to set the tone of the Right Wing "swagga" for next year as takin' shots at black folks via the First Family will be pretty much the norm after January 20th. (I'm just waiting for the P-Diddy remix to come out.)

Apparently, Republican Chip Saltsman liked the song so much that he thought it would make good stocking stuffers for his homies in the GOP.

See that's what happens when a culture becomes a mockery of itself. You give people "permission" to disrespect you and everyone who looks like you.

White folks finding humor in mocking black people is nothing new. You can look back at the early days of Hollywood and movies like "Birth of a Nation." And remember Al Jolson's "mammy" routines went over real big.

But as the Golden Rule of comedy says "the biggest joke that you can play on someone is to make them do it to themselves."

Now, I know the excuse. I've heard it many times before. Black folks tell jokes at their own expense to keep from crying.

That is also what some folks call "embedded self hatred."

When you become intoxicated with your own jokes you don't really have a leg to stand on when other folks want to get a chuckle in too.

I don't think that some black entertainers get the big picture that the images that they put out for laughs will be used for political fodder.

Let's just say, hypothetically, a black man is elected president of the United States. Can you really get mad at Conservatives for "dissing" him when you have been giving them top notch material for decades?

I can see it now. Some angry black dude calls in to the Rush Limbaugh Show to give ol' Rush a piece of his mind when Rush plays a snippet from the trailer of the upcoming "Medea Goes to Jail" movie.

Now, I don't mean to diss Tyler Perry but there is a reason why Wednesday night on WTBS has become "Watch Totally Black Satire" night. I just can't remember white corporations showing programs that dealt with serious subjects like "Roc" and "New York Undercover" that much love.

In 2009, maybe black entertainers need to take some time off and go on vacation for some personal "me" time and self reflection.

When Dave Chappelle and Chris Tucker went to Africa, they came back with whole new perspectives on life.

Maybe other black celebrities need to take a trip to the Mother Land, it seems to do wonders for one's self esteem. Could be there's something in the water. Or maybe the voices of the ancestors who went from building great empires to being forced to "tap dance for massa" are too, overwhelming to ignore.

I remember when Richard Pryor came back from Africa and proudly proclaimed that he would no longer use the "N" word.

In 2009, it's time to reevaluate what we consider entertainment. If not, the "Chips" and "Biffies" of the world will continue to get their jokes on at our expense.

Paul Scott writes for No Warning Shots He can be reached at (919) 451-8283 or