Sunday, June 8, 2008

General Assembly's Report of NC Gangs

There used to be a saying that if you want to hide information from black folks, just put it in a book. In the 21st century you can also say, "put it on the internet."

With most of the current anti-gang legislation going to be targeted at young black males, I wonder how many folks have researched the information on the internet?

I guess it won't hit home for some people until their 16 year old child is misidentified as a gang banger.

Last march, the NC Dept. of Crime Control and Public safety released some information to the NC General Assembly called "A Comprehensive Assessment of Gangs in NC."

Some real heavy stuff is in that report.

Trivia question time...

Did you know that the report says that 49% of the gangs are black and another 20% are mixed.
So do the math about who they are going to be targeting.

There is also a Durham Gang Assessment that was done last year that reports that 82% of Durham gang members in 2006 were Black.

Did you know that there was a system known as gang net that tracks gang members in NC called NC Gangnet and a child's name stays on the list for five years? So, if Tyrone is labeled as a Crip when he is 14, I guess he can forget about college?

Is your child in that data base? Are you sure?

You owe it to yourself and your children to study this report...