Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breaking the Gangsta Stereotype

Two Durham young men (alledged gang members) were arrested last Friday for a string of robberries and violent acts , including the shots that were fired at a city bus leaving Northgate Mall, last March.

What struck me as strange was that the sub headline reported that the reason for these acts of violence was "boredom."

Now, I've followed the coverage of such acts for many years and rarely (if ever) have I seen "boredom" as the official cause of a shooting, robbery, etc. Usually, the stereotype is some black kid from a single family household in the 'hood who goes around shootin' people just to watch them die.

It was not until I saw the pictures of the "gangsta's" that I realized the reason for the "boredom" rationale.

These were white kids committing those crimes...

So, I guess black kids are just born killers but white kids bang for boredom...