Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mike Savage's Savage Comments

I think it's safe to say that most black folks don't listen to Michael Savage, so most , probably, did not hear the venom that he spewed about African people on January 29th. So if you missed it, the clip can be heard via Media Matters.

Now for the record, I did try to confront Savage on the air last Friday night but the "screener" said that my cell phone signal was too weak???

Go figure....

Now, Savage and others of his ilk make their livings by saying stuff like this, so it can be expected. However, the main problem is the access to the people that these right wing fascists have as opposed to the lack of the media access that black folks possess.

For every "Tavis Smiley" there are a thousand conservative commentators in cities across this country. And while most local black talk shows are one hour, by weekly shows, conservative talk radio may have five Mike Savages and Rush Limbaughs back to back, 24 hours a day.

Now before you start mouthing off that "it's you're own fault for playing that "hippity hoppity rap stuff" instead of giving your community info...."

You and I both know, its not that simple.

These mega "black" radio stations are funded by white mega corporations to give black folks entertainment instead of information.

Or in other words to keep us dumb...

Most of the time the "black" radio stations are so fearful of saying something that will offend their white sponsors/listeners that they shy away from anything that can be labeled too black...

So, I guess songs about selling drugs in a duffle bag and "super sokin' hoes" aren't offensive to white people.

White folks have stations that are purely for entertainment, as well but they have more than enough talk shows to make up the difference.

Have we ever asked why the talk radio station WZTK (which broadcasts Savage) with one of the most powerful signals in NC does not have any programs that cater to the black community...Have we ever asked? I just sent the station an email but I am not holding by breath while waiting for a response.

I wonder does the parent company, Curtis Media, have any black oriented talk shows? Now I did notice that the company does have a 1000 watt gospel staion down in Goldsboro. But as they say, religion has been used to make black folks focus on heaven while they are living in hell on earth. Kinda like Marx's "religion is the opiate of the people" theory carried to the nth degree.

Now you can argue that a company can do whatever it wants, after all it is their money. However, last time I checked you cannot "buy" the airwaves, you can only borrow them. So, there should be some "soul" coming through once in a while...

Knowledge is power, so the powerful go to great lengths to keep Knowledge from the powerless. Because with the right Knowledge the powerless will one day become the powerful!

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