Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NWSF Bullet: Much A-Doggie-Doo About Nuthin'

The Pit bull Court: Fido vs Mike Vick
Much a-doggie do about Nuthin’

Plaintiff: Fido Age 14 (in human years)
Occupation: Security Guard
Defendant: Michael Vick Age 27
Occupation: Professional Football Player
Verdict: Defendant pleads guilty

Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. I remember watching Lassie every day when I came home from school and would cheer every time she would save Little Timmy from drowning in the lake.

But all the hoopla over the Mike Vick dog fighting thing is overkill to the third degree.
Let’s keep it real. Besides the die hard football fans in Atlanta who still remember "the Gritz Blitz" from the Jimmy Carter days, how many Americans knew who Vick was before the dog fighting scandal?

Sure, he could run down the field hopping over defensive linemen, jumping tall buildings in a single bound....

No, wait a minute that was Underdog...

But anyway, the Falcons are more or less (OK, more) a mediocre team with one moving part; the man in question. I mean, I was disappointed. that the Falcons didn’t make the playoffs last year but let’s not send the man to jail!!

So, why the weeks and weeks of media hype over Vick and some pitbulls?

Could it be that the media have succumbed to PETA Pressure?

Now when black folks get upset, we may march, picket , have a rally at the courthouse. But those PETA people are known for rollin’ up on celebreties at ritzy award shows and throwin’ pig’s blood on $ 5,000 fur coats...

Now that’s gangsta!

Call me a Hip Hop Conspiracy Theorist, but I believe this is yet another attempt for post Imus white America to find another black boogey man to use as a scapegoat...

"Yeah, pal. We may have done the slavery thing and lynched your ancestors; But YOU guys freakin' kill dogs, man!!!!"

Proof of this can be found in the media’s attempts to connect dog fighting with Hip Hop...

Listen Homies, the pitbull thing really died out with DMX back in the 90's. Today’s commercial Hip hop is about girls and strip clubs...Pitbulls scare girls and aren’t allowed in Strip Clubs; bad for business.

Also, one of the main issues being discussed in barbershops in hoods across America is why is so much attention being payed to animals than the wrongs that have been done to black folks?

Historically, black life has not been valued. Back in slavery times, if a slave and a mule fell in the lake and the slave owner only had time to save one of them...well...

Also, as a side note, it may be noted that during WWII German POW’s got better treatment than black soldiers...

Not to mention the fact that one of Vick's harshest critics, Senator Robert "Barabaric! Barbaric!" Byrd was once a member of the KKK, a group that did to black folks what Vick, allegedly did to pitbulls.

If the pitbull had been accused of biting Michael Vick, all that would have happened is that the kid from the 70's show Benji would have held a press conference with some PETA people and some black "leaders," asked for healing and forgiveness and all would have been forgiven and forgotten. Fido would not have had to spend one night in the pound.

Bottom line is..All of those people who are spending valuable time trying to put Vick in the slammer with all the other messed up stuff going on in the world are really barking up the wrong tree.

Min. Paul Scott http://www.nowarningshotsfired.com/