Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NWSF Bullet: Bill O'Reilly vs Nas

Bill O’Reilly of the infamous Hip Hophobic , No "Spine" Zone has a new target, the rapper Nas.
According to news reports over the past few weeks, Nas is scheduled to perform at Virginia Tech on Sept 6 in a concert for the victims of last semester’s massacre,; a decision that is being opposed by some of the family members of the victims.

Last night, O’Reilly started a campaign to put pressure on not only the president of VA Tech , Charles Steger but the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine ,as well , to remove Nas from the line up that includes the Dave Mathews Band and John Mayer.

Yep, old Billy Boy is pullin’ out the big guns for this one.

O’Reilly even pulled out an editorial from the Va Tech student newspaper that he claimed represented the feelings of "all" of the students at VA Tech, as exhibit A.

Now Bill, you know that any editorial really only represents the views of the person who wrote it.

Also, according to the retraction at the beginning of the same editorial over which O’Reilly gloated, the writer originally accused the Black Student Alliance for selecting Nas, when it was actually the Dave Matthews Band.

But why confuse the matter with facts, right.

Now, I ain’t gonna defend Nas because he does have the habit of flippin’ from intellectual to thug at the drop of a hat. You never know if Nas is gonna be naughty or nice. Also, I feel the pain of the families...I wouldn’t want to hear Nas’s diss track about "gettin’ yourself a gun" either if my son or daughter had been killed.

However, this is clearly, just another O’Reilly power play. Ever since he got Ludacris canned by Pepsi back in 2002 he has become Fox’s Hip Hop Cop.,2933,61546,00.html

Does Nas have some violent lyrics?

No doubt...

But is he the "gangsta rapper with lyrics as violent as they come" as O’Reilly claimed?


I can give Bill a whole list of lyrics by rappers that make Nas sound like Pat Boone.
And besides that period when he was a little miffed at Jay Z for sayin’ that he slept with Nas's baby's mama and left a condom on the car seat, (which would have made any man wanna pull out a can of whup...) Nas really isn’t known in Hip Hop circles for promoting violence but articulating what goes on in Queens, everyday.

The problem with "High and Mighty" O’Reilly and folks like him is they like to use their platforms to diss Hip Hop instead of having principled, informative discussions..

So, note to Wild Bill...

Listen Ringo O'Reilly...If you're really hankerin' for a good ole fashion, rootin tootin Hip Hop Showdown at the No Spin Zone Corral. ..

I'm your Huckleberry...

To borrow from a Nas lyric ...

To shut O’Reilly up about Hip Hop once and for all:

"All I need is one mic"

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