Friday, March 6, 2015

Activists Offer Better Solution for Durham Crime than More Cops

Recently, at a Durham City Council meeting, Police Chief Jose Lopez expressed concerns about the recent shootings in Durham and suggested that the solution to the problem was to add more police officers. However, a group of local activists and musicians is suggesting a better solution. They are asking that community members raise  their voices against violence.

Minister Paul Scott and  local musician Marcus Cox have recently launched the "Closed Eyes Project. They are asking artists in Durham to come together to stop the shootings that often occur in the city. Scott suggests that Hip Hop and other forms of music that are popular with the city's  youth will make them think twice before pulling a gun on someone.

The Closed Eyes Project has recently released a series of  anti-vioelnce songs  called "Closed Eyes"  which includes a Hip Hop version for the youth  and a R&B version for older listeners. They have even included a "Make Your Own Remix Version" on which  they are asking Durham residents to add their own verse to the song.

Based on the controversy surrounding recent incidents involving Durham police as well as police departments in other parts of the country, Scott says that most  people in urban communities  have a distrust of the police and a grassroots effort to stop crime  will be a better solution than adding more officers.

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