Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make Mitt Admit Mormon Racism Memorial Day

Concerned that Americans are ignoring a major racial issue  this election season, a NC minister is calling for citizens to demand that "Mitt  Admit  Mormon Racism," this Memorial Day.

Minister Paul Scott, of the Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry in Durham NC, says that there is a double standard at play in this election's media coverage.

"For four years President Obama has been attacked for his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a strong proponent of Black Liberation Theology," says Scott. "But you have not heard a word about Mitt Romney's Mormon religion's history of racism against "dark skinned people."

According to the Mormon ideology, dark skin is a sign of a divine curse. Also, Mormon leader Brigham Young was once quoted as saying that race mixing is cause for death on the spot. Also, until 1978, African Americans were not allowed into the Mormon priesthood.

Scott says that the various "black curse" myths are harmful to the Black community, especially the children who are led to believe that Black misery is divinely ordained. Even Hip Hop artists like the late Tupac Shakur have parrotted the "black male cursed from birth" in their lyrics."

"This is an insult to African Americans and must not be swept under the rug," says Scott. "This Memorial Day, we must remember."

Paul Scott is a minister of Black Liberation Theology, activist and writer . Scott is a frequent guest on talk shows across the country discussing the issues of Rap, Race and Religion.  He can be reached at (919) 308-4233 or email  Website: