Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black History Month Radio Rebellion

There was a time during the 80's when rap music had a strong political message. It was not unusual to hear groups such as Public Enemy on the radio with empowering messages to inspire the youth and teach them about Black culture. However, during the 90's that begin to change. Now mostly what you hear on the radio are songs about violence, misogyny and lifestyles that 99% of the listeners can't afford.

This Black History Month a Durham NC activist is trying to change that tune. Minister Paul Scott of Durham NC has launched the Black History Month Radio Rebellion where he is asking Hip Hop fans to contact local radio stations to demand that they play more politically and socially conscious music.

Contrary to popular belief, there are Hip Hop groups that talk about more than misogyny, murder and mayhem, such as NC's own political Hip Hop group, Homebase

Unfortunately, messages like this are drowned out by the heavy rotation of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Niki Minaj.

This Black History month, Scott is hoping to put the positive aspects of Black culture back into Hip Hop. After all, Hip Hop is part part of Black History, too.

Paul Scott (TRUTH Minista) is an activist and writer based in Durham NC. His weekly, nationally syndicated column is "This Ain't Hip Hop: a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz." He is also a contributing writer for the recently released anthology "The Black Church and Hip Hop Culture: Towards Bridging the Generational Divide." (Scarecrow Press)

Scott can be reached at (919) 451-8283 or