Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama, throw the Bomb!

Obama: Throw the Bomb!

Paul Scott

What do the Carolina Panthers and the US economy have in common?
They both suck. And truth is, they have sucked for a while now.

The Carolina Panthers solution to their slump; Cam Newton. America's solution to her economic slump; Barack Obama. Panther fans are looking for Cam to be that spark that will finally ignite the Panthers to get that coveted Superbowl ring that has alluded the franchise since its 1995 inception. Obama was elected to be the agent for change that will bring jobs to the hard working folks of America.

Honestly, I don't know who is facing the toughest odds.

Cam is a rookie, so we won't know his total effectiveness until 'round about October. Obama is in his third season and already, folks are beginning to talk about trading him next year.

Not that some folks ever really gave him a chance from the jump. Many of the bookies were already betting against the Prez before he even suited up for his first State of the Union Address. And many of us North Carolinians , who threw away our Panther caps five years ago, now take more pleasure in seeing the Cats lose than celebrating the occasional victory they manage to snatch a few times a year.

But don't cry either one of them a river too soon. They both knew what they were in for when they took the gigs. I'm quite sure Newton watched the highlight reels of the last 10 seasons before he signed his 22 million dollar contract. And Obama knew that millions of people were hungry and out of work before he got got sworn in. Even though I don't think that he was quite prepared for the strength of the Tea Party offensive, defense nor the audacity of the opposition to scream, "You lie!" during the post game press conference, it kinda comes with the territory.

Also, as die hard Panther fans and Democrats, as well, are always quick to remind you, they both inherited the sloppy seconds of their predecessors. Sometime around the middle of the third quarter, I always got the feeling that former QB, Jake Delhomme would have rather been catfish fishing in New Orleans and George Bush would have rather been riding a horse in Texas than running the country.

Let's face it. Fans and voters have a lot in common; we are self centered, impatient and fickle. We want results and we want them now! So what if the cheerleaders are busy texting "LOL" instead of rallyin' the crowd. Who cares that the band is playing "Taps" instead of "Eye of the Tiger." All that matters to the football fans is the trip to the big game in February and all that matters to the voters is a way to pay the rent at the end of the month.

That's not to say that they are not going to need help from their perspective teams. Even though Cam Newton broke all kind of records, last Sunday, they still loss. It takes a whole team to win a game, not just the quarterback. Just like Cam's teammates are gonna have to put some pep in their steps, Obama's offensive front line Dems are gonna have to stop having panic attacks every time they look in the eyes of a snarlin', 300 pound Right Wing linebacker.

But fair or not, at the end of the day, everybody praises the quarterback when they win and blames the President when they lose. So, it's time for President Obama to show the brilliance that he showed three years ago in the pre-season. The team is down by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. It's time to throw a bomb down field, a Hail Mary to the end zone an ally -oop to the...(my bad, wrong sport, but you get the point.)

He needs to not just win one for the Gipper but for all the parents in Durham and everywhere else in America who are depending on the outcome of this game to feed their kids.

Paul Scott writes for No Warning Shots He can be reached at (919) 451-8283 or