Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Juneteenth Mental Emancipation Campaign

On June 19th, African Americans across the country will observe Junteenth in recognition of the fact that the enslaved Africans in Texas did not become emancipated until June 19, 1965, even though Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation went into effect January 1st 1963.

Although, African Americans may have been emancipated physically, a NC minister and activist is calling for blacks to be emancipated, mentally.

"Because we do not know our history, many Africans Americans, especially the youth, are still psychologically, 'unemanacipated,' says Paul Scott of Durham, NC. "It is important that we not only embrace our culture during Juneteenth and Black History Month but we must live it 365 days a year."

This is especially critical at a time when many African Americans feel that they have "overcome" because of a black man in the White House and race is no longer an issue.

"It does one no good to be physically chillin' in the Promise Land but mentally still on the plantation, "says Scott

As part of his Mental Emancipation Campaign, Scott is calling for the African American community to become custodians of their culture at a time when there is a "Right Wing Conspiracy" to redefine racism, which he says as become an all purpose term that can falsely apply to any ethnic group.

"Groups like the Tea Party and other Right Wingers have so distorted the term "racism," that they have made the term obsolete when it comes to African Americans and Latinos," says Scott. "We must debunk the myth of 'multi-cultural racism' as the only form of racism is white supremacy and we must define it as such."

Scott, known as the "Hip Hop TRUTH Minista" is also calling on members of the Hip Hop community and black entertainers to stop letting white corporate America define "blackness."

"The black experience is not what you see on TV or hear on the radio, says Scott. "that is a corporate created image."

The activist is also appealing to African American leaders to stop referring to their constituents as "minorities" and "colored."

"As Bob Marley once sang we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."

Paul Scott is author of the controversial blog, No Warning Shots Fired.com http://www.nowarningshotsfired.com
He has appeared on many talk shows and lectured across the country about race, religion and rap music .
For more information contact No Warning Shots Fired Media at (919) 451-8283 or info@nowarningshotsfired.com