Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rapper Draws Fire for Conservative "Shout Out"

Rapper Draws Fire for Conservative "Shout Out"

Durham NC-- While Hip Hop artists have often faced criticism for lyrics that promote violence and misogyny, one rapper is taking heat for giving the Conservatives a "shout out."

Hip Hop star, T-Pain (Faheem Rasheem Najm) is facing criticism for a video posted on the web site of Fox News commentator, Sean Hannity ,where Hannity coaxes him to say "Conservative victory 2010" into the camera. www.hannity.com/pages/sean-and-tpain

That statement is not resonating well with members of the African American community and Hip Hop fans, including activist and blogger Paul Scott of Durham, North Carolina.

"The 'T' in T-Pain, now stands for 'Tom,' says Scott, referring to the disrespectful label, "Uncle Tom," which means someone who turns his back on the black community.

Although, some are arguing that the T-Pain/Sean Hannity video was just a nonpolitical photo op, Scott disagrees.

"I bet that neither T-Pain nor his handlers would have allowed his picture to be taken with Rev. Jeremiah Wright while holding a copy of 'Message to a Black Man," says Scott.

According to Scott, Conservatives such as Sean Hannity are hostile to policies that help poor and underprivileged communities ; communities that rappers claim to represent.

" It seems that artists that rep' the hood on the radio are actually closet Conservatives," says Scott. "It is time to pull the sheets off of those artists who are sleeping with the enemy."

This is not the first time that entertainers have come under fire in recent years for expressing political sentiments. Country music stars, the Dixie Chicks, suffered a viscous backlash in 2003, when lead singer, Natalie Maines, announced during a London concert that she was ashamed that the President of the United States was from Texas. The outburst led to boycotts by insulted country music fans and radio stations.

"If country music Conservatives can boycott the Dixie Chicks for dissin' the Right, Hip Hoppers should be able to shut down T-Pain for dissin' the Left," says Scott.

Scott, who is the author of the blog, "No Warning Shots Fired.com," is asking that the African American community and rap music fans withdraw their support of T-Pain until he denounces the Right Wing's attack on "the 'hood" and apologizes for being used as a "bamboozled Right Wing flunky."

"We must begin to hold rappers accountable not only for their lyrics of violence and misogyny but also for their political stances that run contrary to the needs of the children in poor and oppressed communities, says Scott.

Paul Scott, known as the "Hip Hop TRUTH Minista," recently launched the "Right Wing Rap Attack" a campaign to challenge Hip Hop artists to speak out against the Tea Party, Birthers and other Right Wing groups. For more information on the campaign contact info@nowarningshotsfired.com or visit www.nowarningshotsfired.com