Monday, September 21, 2009

Rev. Al "Razor Sharp" Sharpton to Take on WWE

Rev. Al "Razor Sharp" Sharpton to Host WWE Raw

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I just saw where Rev. Al Sharpton is going to be the guest host on World Wrestling Entertainment's top rated show, Raw, next week.

Is nothin' sacred?

I haven't been this disappointed since MC Hammer was dancing around with a bucket of fried chicken in those KFC commercials back in the day.

Now, I know that WWE has millions of viewers but I just don't see why the good Rev would lower himself to appear on a show with overweight men in tights beating each other's brains out with steel chairs.

Say it ain't so!

Maybe there is a method to his madness.

Since the running gimmick on Raw is that the guest host picks the matches for the evening maybe Rev. Al is going to present the Wrestlemania of Politics featuring:

In a leather strap match Glenn "No Respect" Beck will take on Van "the Buzz Saw Czar" Jones.

In a Diva' s swim suit match match: Ann "Annihilator" Coulter will take on Michelle "Bring the Drama" Obama.

For the WWE tag team championship: The Masked Foxes, "Wild Bill" O'Reilly and Sean "The Shark" Hannity will fight THE CN-Enemies, Rollin' Roland Martin and Larry "the Killer" King.

And in the main event, for the heavy weight championship of the world, Barack "tha Bomb" Obama will battle "Joe "You Lie" Wilson in a cage match.

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