Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CRIP and "Blood" Money

Today Gov. Mike Easley, signed into law "The NC Street Gang Prevention and Intervention Act."

The law will allow 10 million dollars to be spent on gang prevention programs.


Although many poverty pimps and "Hip Hop Hustlers" will be standing in line to get some of this "blood money," this is just a smoke screen to soften the blow of the coming "Hip Hop Patriot Act."

Now , do you really think that the "child advocacy" nonprofits who depend on the grants that this law will provide will be in a position to speak out against the upcoming legislation?

Of course not...

They're too busy trying to make sure that their "executive directors" get a Christmas bonus, this year.

So how much of the blood money do you think will actually trickle down to the youth that actually need the programs ?

I have a great idea !

Why don't all the of people who attend religious services every week in NC just put an extra five dollars in the collection plate each week to go towards "gang prevention" in the areas surrounding their religious institutions ?

Naw, as Grandma would say "that's too much like right..."