Sunday, April 13, 2008

G 105's Bob Dumas Revisited...

If you have read the newspapers lately, you have heard about the beef between the Lumbee Native Americans and G 105's top dog and cash cow, Bob Dumas.

Seems like Bob was being his insulting self again and made some racist comments about Native Americans.

(Imagine that)

Well, if you read the whole AP story it mentions that Dumas once came under fire for calling American Idol winner "ghetto" back in 2004 by some unnamed Durham minister.

Wonder who that was?????

(Hint, check the picture to the right.)

Anyway, I can't remember that much outcry from those who are now sending out emails asking for folks to help them protest G 105...

As the saying goes....

They came for the Blacks, but I was not Black so I said nothing.

Then they came for me and there was no one around to say anything..