Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is Clinton "Blacker than Obama?"
Min. Paul Scott

If someone asks who is blacker, Bill Clinton or Barak Obama, hands down, most people would roll with Slick Willie.

Bill Clinton reminds me of "Rappin' Rod" from high school the cool white dude who sat in the back of the class and traded Run DMC lyrics with the best of us. You never knew if he was legit or if those old K-Tel "Do You Want to Learn How to Rap" albums really worked.

The myth of racial equality is not squashed until years after graduation when Rappin Rod is now Roderick Winstead the third, CEO of his family business while you're slaving away at some entry level position at a company you despise....

But this is 2007 and we're not talking about Bill, we're talking about "Hill"
Let me be honest...Aretha Franklin she ain't ...(Although the issues with her hubby would make a cool Mary J Blige song)

Although Bill, became "official" with the black community when he played that mean sax on the Arsenio Hall Show, unfortunately, the show was cancelled years ago so that avenue is not open to Hillary. And since Black Entertainment Television's news programs have largely been replaced with videos featuring scantily clad women, unless Hillary is willing to put on a thong bikini and drop it like it's hot, well....

Clinton has already made inroads into the Black community as Rev. Al Sharpton has made it perfectly clear that he will "chill with tha 'Hill" and Barak Obama is basically,

Obama comes preaching self responsibility and one American-ess while Hillary grabs the mic and starts "sticking it to tha man." So I guess in Hop Hop terms, Barak Obama is Will Smith and Hillary Clinton is more like Chuck D of Public Enemy...

This was evident at June 28th Democratic Candidate's forum. Although the debate took place at Howard University and John Edwards had the foresight to give a shout out to the North Carolina historically black universities (What up, homie!!!!) It was plain to see that Hill tore the roof off tha mutha...

While Obama's opening statements about racism dealt with pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, tha "Hill" kept it real by making it clear that race is still a factor in this country and recruiting "foot soldiers in the revolution."

On the issue of education, while Barak spoke about how people accept the under achievement of black kids as normal, Hillary reached back and jacked that old African proverb that white folks save for just such occasions about it taking a village to raise a child, which went over real big...
Hillary also rocked the crowd when she talked about her 10 Point Black Panther..., excuse me...I mean her 10 Point Katrina plan. And when she talked about protecting Africa by shooting down some planes...

Word Up!!!!!

The show stopper was her response to the AIDS question when she said that America would be outraged if it was mostly WHITE women being effected instead of tha Sista'a!!!!!

The question facing Clinton is can she kick it with tha hood and at the same time woo the conservative Democrat's?

Will she have to have a Bill Clinton/Sister Souljah moment and diss Kanye West at a National Action Network meeting ?

Will she sell Black folks out or in 2008, will she have even Grandma singin'

"I found my thrill, by votin' for 'Hill?"

Min. Paul Scott is a "gangsta writer" and activist. His blog is