The Castration of the Hip Hop Nation
TRUTH Minista Paul Scott
“Sisters say where are the good Black men/ They’re missin’ in action/ Cause we are at war!"
Buck Whylin’ Terminator X featuring Chuck D and Sister Souljah
There used to be a time when takin’ a Brotha’s manhood took a lot of time and effort. Folks used to have to go through the trouble of finding a tall tree, a strong rope and a sharp knife. Not to mention sending out all those postcards to make sure that all their friends and neighbors got the right address for the lynching. But today , it’s much easier. All they have to do is find an entertainer , put a dress on him and they can castrate a million Black men, automatically...
Not too long ago, it was understood that just being born a Black man made you an adversary to the White male dominated power structure. So, whether it was lynchings, police beatings or negative images on TV , it was abundantly clear that somebody was out to getcha.
However, in these days of what country singer Brad Paisley and his homie LL Cool J call “accidental racism," we have fallen victim to the easiest way to ensure the defeat of a people. Convince them that they’re not at war.
Although, Tupac once rapped that “my 4-4 makes sure all your kids don’t grow.,” the wickedly wise have more subtle and diabolical means to rid themselves of the undesirables.. And one of those means is image control.
When the Rick Ross Molly rape song scandal broke, I knew that either way it turned out, it would not be a good look for the Brothas. If left unchecked, Ross would have been given a hood pass to continue making his misogynistic, murder music into eternity. But if addressed successfully , the image of Rick Ross would have to be blown up to be the poster child of rape. The latter happened, and as usual, Black men were caught in the middle of the classic game of “heads I win, tails you lose” and the white image makers that create the Rick Ross's of the world went, virtually, unscathed.
So once again, the image of the Black male took a hit.
Not much different than the OJ Simpson trial back in the day. Even though, I may have believed that “The Juice” was guilty that didn’t stop the image of the Black man as a psychopathic, axe murderer from being beamed across the planet.
More recently, with the tragic bombing of the Boston Marathon , we saw, courtesy of the erroneous reporting of an overzealous CNN journalist ,that even when it comes to terrorism ,the usual suspects are ones with dark skin. This is even more disturbing when placed against the backdrop of the numerous Black males who have been killed by the police because of a case of “mistaken identity.”
Historically, there has been a precedent set that any conquering army, kills the men, rapes the women and, as Chancellor Williams revealed in his work “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” produces children who identify with the rapers of their mothers instead of the cultural traditions of their fathers.

This is why Hip Hop has increasingly become more European than African, adopting lifestyles that were embraced by the Greeks, Celts , etc instead of those from the continent of their ancestors.

One of the recent controversies in Hip Hop is the feminization of the culture which includes putting Black men in skirts. It must be noted that this is not limited to rap music, as one of the most frequently asked questions by conspiracy theorists is “why do most Black male actors have to put on a dress at some point in their careers?”

Although the topic of Black men wearing feminine clothes has been discussed in Hop Hop terms, it has rarely been discussed within the context of Black racial survival, which has generated much confusion and half truths. As Neely Fully wrote in in “ The United Compensatory Code,” “unless you understand white supremacy, everything else will just confuse you.”

What is at issue here is not what one does in the privacy of his bedroom, but whether there will be any Black people left 100 years from now. It’s about the reproduction of Black children which can only be accomplished by the union of a man and a woman. No more,no less.

Sadly, any mention of this topic will have charges of the misnomer “homophobia" flying everywhere. In actually, Black men aren’t afraid of being roughed up by a bunch of gay guys. The fear is the influence that a segment of society that has achieved a substantial amount of political and socio-economic power has over a group that has been politically, socially and economically castrated. So much so that they will accept the genocide of their race to avoid upsetting the more socio-economically powerful group.

Also, the feminizing of Black males secures the survival of the white race that could be wiped out in a few generations by miscegenation. It also reducing the chances of Black men physically or mentally challenging white supremacy.
This paranoia is what Dr. Frances Cress Welsing calls “fear of white genetic annihilation." In her essay, “Black Male Passivity," she stated that “white males fully understand that males who are forced to identify as females will be programmed, simultaneously , into submission to the males they call “The Man” as opposed to aggressing against these same males.”

Let’s be clear, this is not just limited to homosexuality. Having more love for strippers in a club than for the mother of your children or producing a squad of babies all over the hood who don't know their daddy does not ensure the survival of the race, either.

Perhaps the worst thing that is being done is using to Hip Hop to brainwash an entire generation of Black Males to execute Kill on Sight orders on other Black males. Thus, making fratricide, an acceptable practice.

From homicides to homosexuality, the desired end game result is the same. The final solution to America’s race problem.

We must understand that this is not just about music or sexual preference. The survival of our race is in jeapody if something doesn't change. It’s time for Black men to stand up for Black men. Who else is gonna do it?
Like Eldrige Cleaver once said “"We shall have our manhood . We shall have it or the earth will be leveled by our attempts to gain it."

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