Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tekashi 69 is George Zimmerman of Hip Hop

Recently, when challenged over his habitual use of the N word on the popular Breakfast Club Morning Show, Hip Hop artist Tekashi 6ix9ine issued an ominous challenge, “Who’s gonna stop me?” Now a North Carolina minister and activist has responded with a simple answer,  “Us.”
Minister Paul Scott of the Durham NC based Black Messiah Movement has called for a boycott of the November 23rd release of the Tekashi 6ix9ine album “Dummy Boy” unless the rapper issues an apology to the African American community and denounces the use of the N word.
Although, some people may try to give Tekashi a ghetto pass because he is Hispanic, Scott disagrees.
"So was George Zimmerman," says Scott. " I guess Tekashi 6ix9ine is the George Zimmerman of Hip Hop."
Scott, a long time critic of derogatory images in popular culture says that it is past time for the black community to call an end to the blatant disrespect, especially at the hands of non-African Americans.
Scott points at the rise of anti-black rhetoric and racial incidents  during the Trump era , as a call for alarm and says that artists such as Tekashi are part of the problem.
“If he had disrespected the LGBTQ or any other group, there would be calls for”  his rainbow colored head, says Scott. “We must demand the same respect for African Americans.”
While he understands that many young people have been desensitized to the severity of the N word, Scott says that this can no longer be a crutch.
“Dummy Boy” Daniel Hernanadez is gonna learn today that ignorance of  Black culture can no longer be an excuse to disrespect our ancestors.
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