Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Activist Asks City to Secede From Trump's AmeriKKKa

Frustrated with the direction that this country is headed , a North Carolina activist is asking his city to "secede from Trump's AmeriKKKa."

On February 1st, to kick off Black History Month, community activist and minister Paul Scott , founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry, is starting the "Make Durham Great Again" Campaign.

Durham NC was  once known as "Black Wall Street" a mecca for Black empowerment . However,  like many other urban areas, in recent years ,it has been known more for drugs and drivebys. Scott feels that Trump's policies will only make things worst. 

"We need to build a wall around Durham to keep Trump and his draconian policies away from us." 

In a city that has almost a majority African American population, he believes that citizens have the ability to govern their own community. Also, Scott is urging citizens to use churches, barbershops , social media etc during Black History Month to not only teach African American youth about their history but to come up with creative ways for Durham to regain its greatness.

"If  'Make America Great Again'  changed America for the worst, maybe 'Make Durham Great Again'  can at least least, change my city for the better."

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