Friday, February 21, 2014

Minister Says Boycott Son of God Movie

Saying that the image of a white Jesus is racist and offensive to African Americans, a NC minister is calling for a national boycott of the soon to be released "Son of God" movie.

Minister Paul Scott of the Durham NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation says that he is outraged that even in 2014, many people  in this country still promote the, historically,  inaccurate image of a Caucasian Christ. He is asking that the black community not support the film which is to be released on February 28th, which, ironically is the last day of Black History Month.

Although the issue of the black ethnicity of Jesus dates back as far as the 19th century, courtesy of such clergymen as Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, the issue generated new interest last December when Fox News host  Megyn Kelly announced to children  that Santa Claus and Jesus were white men.

"I guess the white Christian Right needs a white Jesus to save them from a black president," says Scott.

Scott who coined the phrase Afrikan Liberation Theology (the Black Liberation Theology for the Hip Hop generation) in 1999, has appeared on numerous national talk shows promoting the idea of a black Messiah. His controversial essay "Hip Hop Children of a Lesser God" is featured in the anthology  "Black Church and Hip Hop Culture: Toward Bridging the Generational Divide."

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